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  1. 1 hour ago, Slashin' Passion said:

    It's one thing to be honest, be a straight shooter, not sugar the pill.  But there's no need to create such negativity when posting. It sucks, but all Xbox One players were affected, so suck it up and come and play with us while you wait.

    We're getting free content here and we dodged a bullet by the sounds of it. Steam and PS4 users are reporting more issues since the update. Maybe we'll bypass all the issues and get a more solid NES Jason content update. 

    I would wish nothing more and I wish them all the luck and success in the future of this game. Don't get me wrong, I love this game and I want to support it as hard as I can and would buy everything that they have to offer. I respect what these guys did with this franchise and I have the multiplayer fun of my life with it, I'm just disappointed in this thrown away opportunity and really think it could make them look even worse as they were before and I don't want that. I just can't understand why they do that so "half-assed" instead of doing it right with 2 more weeks waiting time. Nobody expected this gift, it was announced one day before so nobody knew that something like this would come anyway and therefore they could've used as much time as they needed. It's just sad.

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  2. 8 minutes ago, FlameRiderSD said:

    retro edge who even said they wouldnt do another version besides this has its own music

    And the music is way too quiet.


    Because we have NES Jason now, a shitty one, a very very poor one, they will not do another one and put it in the game that is against every videogame and/or developer logic. I'm a gamer for over 20 years now and that's how stuff like this works.  They tried it, they tried to do something good for us but they half assed it and ruined it. Now NES Jason as a character is done, burned. They will move on to other stuff.

  3. 1 hour ago, carnage4u said:

    I'm sure that is coming. Just accept your Free item.

    No, I don't want to accept that "free item". This "free item" is not a gift or a thank you to us, it's a robbery. They could have worked a few weeks on this Jason to make him great, as a single character, with own kills, own character slot & real nes clothes but what did they do? They decided to not do that, they decided to go the cheap half assed way and to cobble this mess together as fast as possible and taking the chance from us to EVER get a real NES Jason. They took that from the game forever and now we have to live with that half ass skin that magically transforms back in standard Friday 3 Jason in cutscenes. What a mess. I wish this "free item" would never have happen.


    Thank you @GunMedia_Ben.

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  4. 22 minutes ago, JohnnyKapow said:

    You sound like the people that one tries to avoid in quick matches.  

    It's just the truth, if you play quick play it's your own fault.

    Playing with random people will give you a bad experience in 85% of all rounds. People who teamkill, people who doesn't use mics, people who uses bugs. Its, like I said, cancer.

    There is literally no reason to play it.

  5. 4 hours ago, II_Punisher_II said:

    90% of games have a party of friends that if chosen as Jason will not kill their friends and make it very clear they're friends as the counselors will run around with him and lead Jason to you everytime, and if they're not cheating this way you'll get people sitting in the many glitch spots this game currently has to wait out the 20 minute time limit. this is a very confusing tactic as you don't get any exp for living only for escaping. 


    This game is great and alot of fun when played correctly but with all this cheating i can't imagine the life expectancy will be long if this dirty game-play continues.

    Don't play quick play, it's cancer. Play private = all problems solved & the time of your life.


    The game will not die out because of this, anyone who isn't stupid plays private only anyway.

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  6. I have to disagree a little bit on the topic.

    Tommy should be a savior gameplay wise, but he isn't implemented as one and that's the problem.

    The game is very good and I agree with many people on many parts to not blame the game but this is the exception. Tommy is wrong implemented.

    He gets scared from dead body's and even have the voice line "I have to get outta here". The developers have to change a few things and make it clear to play him differently.

    Little idea, the game should automatically end if everyone but Tommy is either dead or got out. That would implement that you are here to help. If you got the last one out, you automatically get the win too.


  7. Fuuuuuuuuuck I missed it. :angry:

    Every single day I'm here in the forum, every night I play it but I missed this, how the f..... 

    First I missed the Kickstarter, then I payed 40 bucks to support it instead of 20 and now I didn't even got this. Where is my exclusive item for supporting this game with the doubled price?


    I think at this point, with that many errors and almost everyone who got the skin anyway now, except a hand full who wasn't online the last 12 hours, they should just release it normally, it's a joke now.

  8. Again and again and again.

    Play private. All problems solved.

    Never use quick play, it's cancer.

    (Don't Tell me you have no friends, PS4 Community feature or steam forum should give you nice, friendly and fair groups in seconds)


    Don't blame the developers, Jesus Christ, you have people like this in every single multiplayer game. No reason to refund it or ask about a refund extension, what's wrong with you Magicarp?

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  9. 11 minutes ago, Slashin' Passion said:

    Yeah, it should definitely remain in game. But I'm referring to players that only play to grief and damage the experience for other players. If you're getting one or more betrayal every game, somethings amiss. 

    Yeah, sure. No doubt about it that people are abusing it on purpose out there. You have these idiots in every single game.

    The developers should do something about it, I have no idea what they can do without crippling the feature for normal players but maybe other people have good ideas for it. I'm just saying what they shouldn't do under any circumstances, disabling this feature for good. This would be a horrible decision.

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  10. On 2.6.2017 at 10:31 PM, RainFire said:

    There are other threads with this same topic.

    I like the idea of friendly fire because in you think of it like a real life scenario, people will do whatever they can to survive.


    Exactly. End of discussion.

    If you run with 2 friends together and find the car with 2 seats in it, it's ready to start and Jason is right behind you, you can bet your ass that in reality someone will betray the other just to survive. Happens in movies, happens in reality and you should not take this possibility out of the game because it's there for a purpose, the purpose of "what would you do in that situation", choose now, die or survive. It brings so much extra tension into this game.


    If it happens too much to you or people are abusing this feature, play private, end of problem, don't play quick play, it's cancer.

  11. 3 hours ago, mikester1188 said:

    Those people must just suck as Jason. I kill everyone when I play as Jason; and I've only ever had two people escape (by boat and didn't know at the time I had to press A to stop it. Just though I had to get in front of it like the car). And you can stop a car when it is going backwards. Had it happen to me last night.


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