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  1. Yeah yeah, just like on PS4 right? Such a HUGE fuck up deserves his own thread, i mean how, just how did this happen AGAIN? This must be a joke.
  2. Just play private. For God's sake. Why won't you guys learn? If you play quick play, it's your own fault.
  3. I would wish nothing more and I wish them all the luck and success in the future of this game. Don't get me wrong, I love this game and I want to support it as hard as I can and would buy everything that they have to offer. I respect what these guys did with this franchise and I have the multiplayer fun of my life with it, I'm just disappointed in this thrown away opportunity and really think it could make them look even worse as they were before and I don't want that. I just can't understand why they do that so "half-assed" instead of doing it right with 2 more weeks waiting time. Nobody expected this gift, it was announced one day before so nobody knew that something like this would come anyway and therefore they could've used as much time as they needed. It's just sad.
  4. I am chilled, I'm just speaking the truth. NES Jason is burned now and in the end, this half assed update will hurt them more as it gives them positive things. This free update was a mistake.
  5. And the music is way too quiet. Because we have NES Jason now, a shitty one, a very very poor one, they will not do another one and put it in the game that is against every videogame and/or developer logic. I'm a gamer for over 20 years now and that's how stuff like this works. They tried it, they tried to do something good for us but they half assed it and ruined it. Now NES Jason as a character is done, burned. They will move on to other stuff.
  6. No, I don't want to accept that "free item". This "free item" is not a gift or a thank you to us, it's a robbery. They could have worked a few weeks on this Jason to make him great, as a single character, with own kills, own character slot & real nes clothes but what did they do? They decided to not do that, they decided to go the cheap half assed way and to cobble this mess together as fast as possible and taking the chance from us to EVER get a real NES Jason. They took that from the game forever and now we have to live with that half ass skin that magically transforms back in standard Friday 3 Jason in cutscenes. What a mess. I wish this "free item" would never have happen. Thank you @GunMedia_Ben.
  7. Patch is coming guys, it just has a long way to go.
  8. It's just the truth, if you play quick play it's your own fault. Playing with random people will give you a bad experience in 85% of all rounds. People who teamkill, people who doesn't use mics, people who uses bugs. Its, like I said, cancer. There is literally no reason to play it.
  9. Don't play quick play, it's cancer. Play private = all problems solved & the time of your life. The game will not die out because of this, anyone who isn't stupid plays private only anyway.
  10. Lol, so many things to fix or to change but they do things that nobody asked for. Good trustful start into the future of this game with their community.
  11. I have to disagree a little bit on the topic. Tommy should be a savior gameplay wise, but he isn't implemented as one and that's the problem. The game is very good and I agree with many people on many parts to not blame the game but this is the exception. Tommy is wrong implemented. He gets scared from dead body's and even have the voice line "I have to get outta here". The developers have to change a few things and make it clear to play him differently. Little idea, the game should automatically end if everyone but Tommy is either dead or got out. That would implement that you are here to help. If you got the last one out, you automatically get the win too.
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