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  1. There actually is an option in-game, you just have to go to the settings menu.
  2. Since it is hard to prove, maybe an "avoid player" feature? Where we can avoid ever playing with people who abuse the game for their advantage? I think forcing Jason to be in game chat (& not party chat) is also a viable option.
  3. If jason + the counselor are together and jason is not trying to kill that counselor it is safe to say they are working together. A report function would be able to at least investigate it? Maybe jason is not allowed to be in a party chat? Regardless a report feature is still essential.
  4. I think a feature where you can report people is not only extremely necessary for this game, but also maybe a feature to kick a counselor by spectating players (if cheating is seen). A PS4 player w the gamertag Dab_Legend_710 was in a party chat with Jason and was telling him the location of the other counselors. This is not only uncool, but ruins the game for all parties involved. Pls pls pls implement this feature <3 (after servers are fixed)
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