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  1. Yeah I've given up all hope on this they have completely screwed over the Xbox community. I haven't even touched the game in weeks now. And they are here knowing how screwed the Xbox players are, and all they give out is a I don't care in the slightest mindset.
  2. I'm a Xbox player and I have been defending these guys for some time now because I know how big the task is for them. With that being said I'm getting to the point of it doesn't matter if it's gun or microsofts fault the Xbox community has been shafted even during the double XP weekend the Xbox players still dcd a crazy amount so we didn't even get to utilize the we are sorry gift to the fullest which is very disappointing hell even the PS4 guys had a opportunity to buy the salvini Jason and then keep it after the fact even if this not intended compare the reward/luck the other consoles are getting compared to Xbox and it's easy to see why Xbox users feel neglected.
  3. I think in order for the -1k do to deter others there needs to be more that experience gets you after lvl 31 maybe be able to trade experience for CP etc, but to ban someone over team killing that's just silly. Almost every survival style game allows you to kill other players it's apart of the genre.
  4. I mean if they don't want team killing to happen why would they add it into the game on that note if you're playing via party games you can disable this function by toggling friendly fire on/off in my opinion it adds a different play style to the game such as hey the boat is fixed and three ppl want to get in it then it becomes a you are me type scenereo but to actually ban ppl for something they put into the game by there own will seems stupid.
  5. By saying that there has been no improvement just in my opinion proves you haven't played from the start because if you had you'd have seen great improvements already regardless of how you feel though coming on the forums and acting like a ass clown does what exactly? Marks you as a ass clown and that's it. It's not like the more negative whinny ass post you make fuels the devs to be all of the sudden magical and can in a instant make your every wish come true keep it to yourself unlesss it's constructive
  6. But seriously though are you people this impatient it's a inde game with a small staff try walking into a McDonald's with a staff of four trying to serve a line of 100k hungry ppl give the guys a break..... or if not go start your own version of the game and see how far you can manage to get I think I'll just be patient here. I have been on Xbox and trying to play myself and yes I Dc a lot however I can say it's already come along way for me since release shit happens deal with it. @JPops do you man I've been following your updates since the start there isn't a single thing you're doing wrong sadly you're doing a job that has to cater to a bunch of self entitled pricks I do not envy you.
  7. Message Spookylol starting lobby got 3
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