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  1. There’s always that one guy who's annoyingly passive aggressive.
  2. There’s always that one guy who makes dumb posts like this.
  3. Lmao, calm down little guy. Your “passion” is annoying. I agree with a lot of your points but you’re also clearly ignoring a lot of what makes DbD fun and not acknowledging anything that previous comments have discussed. As much fun as F13 can be, it can also be infuriating what with its glitches, trolls, connection issues, etc. One thing DbD has that F13 doesn’t is a cool system in place to keep the game fair, for example: it’s almost impossible to find a game where someone is WORKING WITH THE KILLER but in F13 it’s almost every other match where you have trolls teaming up with Jason. Needless to say this isn’t a thread about DbD fanboys and even if it was so what? You’re obviously a fanboy too, but I think it’s cool to be a fanboy. However, it’s not cool to be an ignorant, ranting, one sided fanboy. Contrary to popular belief, you ARE capable of enjoying more than ONE thing. You see, if you pay attention there is a poll at the top of the page asking which game people like better, and one if the options is BOTH. If you don’t like both that’s fine, if you like F13 that’s fine. It’s your opinion and you’re entitled to it. Just be a smart fanboy and acknowledge the competition’s positive qualities and be aware that the things you like may not be perfect. Simple really. DbD is a fun experience, and F13 is too. You should try and be more positive and less combative. I’m just a fan of the slasher 80’s movies and it’s fun to see ALL the horror icons come to life in video games. I like OG Freddy but I’m also glad he’s not gunna be in DbD cuz Freddy talks a lot and I don’t know if his usual antics would translate well in-game. Plus, 2010 Freddy wasn’t all that bad. I like Jackie Earle Haley and he was an intimidating Freddy Krueger in my opinion. 2010 Freddy was also in Mortal Kombat(2011) and I thought that was pretty cool. Too bad Jason was in Mortal Kombat X though, it woulda been cool to have a Freddy vs Jason rematch!
  4. Said no one, ever.
  5. What’s a GPU? So building computers means you’re the end all, be all of human intelligence? What you say actually means something?! Good for you. Good for you.
  6. Sounds like they’re doing you a favor. Get out a little, meet a girl, maybe go for a jog? Enjoy some fresh air bud, while you can.
  7. They’re not enough? Is that it? That’s your whole argument? Wow. Ok. Well I stand by what I said before. Simple mind, simple arguments.
  8. Lmao, are you playing the same game as the rest of us?! DbD has actual different play styles and different abilities for each killer. Its F13 that are just re-skins. Ugh. SMH. If you don’t know what you’re talking about then don’t throw your two cents in cuz you sound like an idiot.
  9. Agreed. This game is getting on my nerves more then it makes me happy anymore. I used to love this game but now I’m leaning more towards the competition and have been playing DbD more and more. However, what I do enjoy about the game still is the attention to detail the first three maps had to the movies. They look almost perfect when compared to the movies. It’s made re-watching the movies a great time! ? Except the Jarvis house map. It’s so off from the movie I couldn’t help notice it before I even re-watched Part 4. It looks awful compared to the movie but hey it is just a map whatever right? But then I saw the atrocious looking Jason. He looks fucking awful! What the hell were they thinking?! It looks laughably bad, and nothing like he movie! They did such a good job with all the other Jasons I’m just so confused as to how they messed that up this time.
  10. Im so sick of seeing this dumb logic. It’s just not true. And if it was then maybe this game sucks. I mean if people wanna play as Jason then why make the game the way it is in the first place? I mean, this just reminds me of the fact that WE STILL HAVE NO SINGLE PLAYER MODE!!! What the fuck?! I’m sick of waiting, and I’m sick of seeing all the bs DLC cash grabs they keep releasing instead. I love F13. But I think the wrong developers got the rights to make this game. Didn’t they also make a Sonic the Hedgehog game too? Sonic Boom? I sorta feel like if that’s the case we shoulda seen this shit coming.
  11. Right. I don’t have time to jump on a website to report someone. Idc that much. It’s more of a in the moment thing. Ya kno? I need an in game reporting system. It’s just a more immediate solution.
  12. Lmfao. That’s weird cuz I’ve never gotten any weird or rude messages on PS4. I have had some really bad experiences in F13 so I just thought it was worse in F13. I guess it’s all circumstantial. See at least DbD has a report feature. In F13 it just feels like the trolls get away with their bs. Wen I play with a jerk in DbD I feel better cuz I can at least report them. Wether or not it actually does anything I don’t know but I’d hope so. You sound butt hurt too. Seems like you’re pissed off cuz you suck at DbD. I don’t know about the killers being weak. It’s a matter of skill. I’ve played against some ridiculously good killers but when I play as a Killer I lose so badly. I get my ass handed to me. So again, it’s probably cuz you suck.
  13. Same here. I’ve been tempted to play as Michael Myers here and there but I just suck so bad when I play as a Killer. The first person perspective is what gets me, I don’t mind FPSs and such but in DbD it’s tough when you gotta be really observant and catch people.
  14. Same here. I like the comparisons, i think competition is healthy and fun. They are very different games but are derived from the same slasher genre of film so it’s fair to compare. I still have fun with both games.
  15. Yeah definitely one thing F13 could learn from DbD is to give players the option of playing as Jason or as a Counselor.