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  1. I took a break from this game for almost a year now. The last couple weeks I've dipped my toes back in and I've been enjoying the Offline Bots mode. Please tell me we get Double XP for Offline Bots!?
  2. Idk if i missed this somewhere but how are the devs able to come out with a Nintendo Switch version of the game but they're not allowed to make any new DLC? What is the story behind that? Also, was it really worth making a Switch version of the game at this point? Don't the devs have enough to do with supporting the game and now they've given themselves another version of the game that they need to keep an eye on and maintain. I'm grateful that we are still getting support for this game and whatnot but I'm just curious about some of the details here.
  3. I love this post so much I’m only quoting it so it can be posted again.
  4. I occasionally check the forums for news and what not. I used to be on here daily until I heard the news about no more DLC. I’m wondering when this forum will die too now that the game is “dead”.
  5. All of their work IS irrelevant. The game is a mess, it barely works, and it’s offically “dead” in the water. No more DLC, and no more content at all. Even the shit we were promised. Smh, this whole fucking game has been a nightmare and that was when it started, it’s only gone downhill from there. I spent WAY too much of my hard earned cash on this steaming pile of diarrhea dog shit and I regret every penny.
  6. Does anyone know if the Crystal Lake map is accurate to where they filmed the movie? Like does the map actually look like Camp No-Be-Bo-Sco? Or is it just it’s own thing? I just thought it’d be kinda cool if the layout of the camp was exactly like it is in the game. EDIT: Just thought of checking it out on google maps, it might be fun to compare the two. 11 Sand Pond Rd, Hardwick, NJ 07825
  7. Yeah I’ve been playing DbD in conjunction with F13. I like both games but at least in DbD it seems a lot more fair. I’ve had a lot of the same shit happen to me as the killer in DbD too. I exclusively play as Freddy in DbD so it’s a tough experience but I’m getting better.
  8. So it’s been months since I’ve played online and the very first match I got I was chosen as Jason. I was playing as Part 4 Jason, which was lucky since the match I got put in was nothing but a shit fest and Part 4 Jason does more damage. Everyone else was in a party and they were ganging up on me. At first I wasn’t sure what to do, it was overwhelming having everyone attack me and spam me like that. Every time I was stunned they would dance over me and teabag me. It was damn annoying but after a few minutes of struggling I finally got my head on straight and starting dodging their attacks and countering with my own. One after one they started to fall to my blade until finally they were all dead and I had won the match. It felt great giving these jerks what they deserved. It was awesome. Until I got back in the lobby and everyone was talking shit to me. Calling me names and spamming my account with messages. Its been a few days since then and I know they were just pissed at me for being good but it’s still annoying me. I just need some more feedback and opinions to help me process the situation a bit more. Has this happened to anyone else? Or does anyone else have any other horror stories to share?
  9. Most successful thing the game accomplished was it actually came out. Biggest failures of the game was everything else.
  10. Really wouldn’t call it a cash cow since most of the DLC was free.
  11. I wouldn’t doubt that behind the scenes the devs are relieved. They’re just like: “Oh thank god, we can finally give this up!”
  12. After everything that’s been going on with this game this is like the cherry on top of a shit sundae.
  13. A perfect fucking idea! I don’t have time to grind to level 113. Plus this game isn’t good enough to take up THAT much of my time. I gave up playing online altogether so grinding with offline bots is my only option and that shit gets old fast. Single Player Challenges are fun as fuck but I don’t get any XP for that, which was a dumb decision. Plus weapon swapping was technically introduced from the get go with the early trailers and game play demos which showed different versions of Jason using various different weapons. Only seems fair to me.
  14. One big issue I personally have is the fucking time limit. I love games like Hitman and these single player challenges are very similar to that type of gameplay but with a time limit included it discourages exploration. Also, I’ve encountered a few glitches where I’ve been seen through walls.
  15. I’ve been confused with these updates since the first one. They keep changing shit that we didn’t ask for, but leave ALL the problems that NEED to be fixed alone. What the fuck were they thinking? I straight out refuse to bother with the new grab animation now. I’ll swing my weapon at everyone till they die. I could care less if it pisses everyone off...
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