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  1. What about the Paranoia mode we never got? I still find it funny that they have the trailer for it on YouTube but it was never released. Out of all the cut content we didn’t get I think this one hurt me the most.
  2. Me and my Wife got fed up with the community in F13 so we've been playing Dead By Daylight for the longest time now. We've been wanting to get back into F13 but have been hesitant to do so. We play fair and for fun. My GT on Xbox and PlayStation is DarkRicochet117. Add me.
  3. This is why I only play Offline Bots now-a-days. I can't even remember what it's like playing as a Counselor anymore.
  4. I gotta admit: this update is pretty awesome. Great work!
  5. I doubt anything will be added, if anything the game will probably be abandoned within the next year or two now that we are moving on to a new console generation.
  6. I'm a fan of the Predator movies, or at least a few of them so I'm hoping it'll have some value. No arguments here, although I've never played F76 and I don't plan to anytime soon.
  7. Isn’t this just a little incredibly petty? I mean what are you trying to accomplish here other than making yourself feel better about something so insignificant?
  8. Personally I think these Trophies/Achievements are just fucking ridiculous. No way I’m ever putting that amount time or effort into a game as mediocre as this. The playing as Jason ones are especially fucked up since it’s completely random, it wouldn’t be such a big deal if you at least had the option of choosing who to play as. - Only thing I’m not aware of with this one is if Offline Bots count towards the Trophy/Achievement but I assume it doesn’t.
  9. Well I mean you’re not wrong but yeah not gunna happen man. There’s so much content we were supposed to get but didn’t: Paranoia mode, Jason X Map, and Uber Jason just to name a few things. I’m pissed about it but overall this game’s whole existence has been a kind of shit show the likes of which I’ve never seen before and will probably never see again. I hope Illfonic does a better job with that new Predator game they’re working on.
  10. I started out playing F13 but I’ve transitioned into Dead by Daylight. I prefer DbD when compared to F13 mostly because I just feel like the game is balanced much better and more fairly. DbD gets better dev support and more frequent updates for obvious reasons of course. However I’ve been enjoying Offline Bots in F13 and it makes me wish DbD had a similar game mode. I’m just a huge Friday the 13th fan so I love the game for its faithful and accurate representation of the movies.
  11. When I used to play online I would trap the phone and cars/boat immediately. I main Part 2 Jason. Once my traps are set I would just go all out. Kill as many and as fast I possibly could and then I'd fuck with the last one standing.
  12. I dabble online here and there when I'm feeling brave but I primarily play Offline Bots now. I can't stand the online community around this game anymore.
  13. I took a break from this game for almost a year now. The last couple weeks I've dipped my toes back in and I've been enjoying the Offline Bots mode. Please tell me we get Double XP for Offline Bots!?
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