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  1. I believe it's fine where it is now. I just had a match on Packanack where a Deb tried to snipe me with a shotgun from the second level in the lodge as I was trying to let someone into the lodge. She then started swinging at me with a machete and all I could do was laugh. Second game on Higgins Haven a Vanessa out of nowhere started swinging the machete at me while I was dropping some items near the car (was Tiffany so I left the repairing for better characters) near the main lodge. Jason came and began walking towards me as if Vanessa wasn't there. It was early in the game so I was able to get away, but I then see that the gas and battery are put in. Seems that Vanessa and Jason were working together and when the car was heading down the road, I could see that same Vanessa escaping while I stayed in a cabin near the road. Out of all the shenanigans I've faced on the PS4 version of this game before the TK patch, my fellow counselors either have mostly teamkilled me with a shotgun, worked with Jason to get me killed (best method has been letting me ride shotgun in a car, stopping at an escape point, and letting Jason grab me), or exploited glitches to make matches so boring to watch and feel worthless to get XP from (even matches where everything goes right your way but you still have 10 minutes of watching someone stay in a glitch for the rest of a match). I have yet to face counselors who hold on to items. Most lobbies I join people want to fix the car ASAP (4-seater mostly if it's on the map). Sometimes what irks me is when people move items meant for the 2-seater or boat and transport it to the 4-seater. I'm still shocked that lobbies I join to this day don't know that items for vehicles are in the nearby cabins and not across the map. I guess I can understand for the small maps, but still I find counselors walking miles with an item meant for a vehicle that was near where they found said item.
  2. My bet's September 28th or some Tuesday in the future (at least on PS4). Pretty much every patch has come out on the 28th of a month. If that isn't the case this time around (whether it be the update coming out before or after that date), I added in a Tuesday in the future as that is when new buyable stuff on the PSN Store is added, and in the next patch we will be able to buy the swimsuit DLC pack (hopefully). I was really hoping it would have come in the most recent patch as swimsuit and emotes were labeled "SOON" on the website (when that finally came up) while the better stuff was labeled "TBD".
  3. It's probably because most don't know it and that there isn't a matchmaking system which puts higher levels with higher levels. I have yet to see it done on PS4 as I'm constantly put with players of every level with a little bias to people below level 31 (don't see Part 9 as often). I feel sad for Jasons I face that don't trap the phon ASAP, and if they don't, then I know it'll basically be an easy round. If there aren't traps near the car, too, then I know I'm playing against someone who hasn't had much experience with Jason either due to just starting out or just having the odds stacked against them when they play and aren't chosen to be Jason.
  4. In the video that was posted, it looks like the counselor just picks it up but it doesn't become part of the inventory (I couldn't even imagine the rage if it became another item that could get buried into the ground if the person who had it died with it in their inventory). I heard rumors that even if you die you still keep it, which looks to be the case in the video.
  5. So basically it's a bug that can only be viewed if you are quick enough to switch to people who have escaped on the boat. If you are normally watching people escape on a boat or really any vehicle, the camera stops and the counselors go off to safety. If you switch the camera and somehow land back to them once they passed the escape point, the camera will continue to be on them until the game ends. It's a little thing I just found after playing around with the camera switching after seeing people escape. Switched too fast and came back to the people on the boat. I'll try and see if it also happens to people in the car, but I do remember something like that happening a little earlier. Just didn't know the steps to reproduce the viewing of it like I do now. So basically it goes like this, at least on PS4.... Be dead or have escaped Have a scenario happen where there are counselors about to escape and counselors hiding/doing other things (I think it might also work if you can switch between the escaping counselors, which might work if the counselors escaping are the only ones). Watch the counselors doing other things while also somewhat keeping an eye on the escaping counselors Once the escaping counselors breach the escape point, start changing your camera to the counselors doing nothing and then to the escaping counselors as you now have a brief window before the escaping counselors join you in the afterlife Watch as the boat or car continue on to the outside map. Interestingly when they reach an area where they might fall off the map and into that place where Jasons sometimes die, the boat turns around and keeps on going. PSN ID is Snipe4Life15. It's really easy to reproduce as long as you switch cameras in that small window of time.
  6. I'm probably going to upload a video of it later and am amazed that it recorded the voice audio of the group, but here's how my favorite moment so far went: I was the nerdy girl counselor and found one of the car batteries in a cabin right at the start of the round. A fellow counselor was nearby and he found the keys and gas for the blue car (yep the 4 seater) that was magically also nearby. I put in the battery and he put in the gas, put in the keys, and we high tailed it out of there. Jason got to the middle of the road, but we swerved and laughed our way to the exit. The laughter really makes it. I think it was also one of the games where the XP was finally starting to work again.
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