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  1. One game, we had Jason actually running away from us once he noticed we wanted to kill him. Kept shifting or morphing away, I found it hilarious
  2. Yeah, but you're sure gonna see it on the female counselor coming at you with Tommy right behind.
  3. I mute myself unless I have something to say. That way Jason doesn't see my mic pop up, if he doesn't know I'm around. Other than that, I actually like talking smack, especially when I'm kiting Jason around. As far as muting Jason, I don't really mind when people do it. If I'm the J-man, mute or no, you still getting bashed.
  4. True. While it's not "game breaking", this does get on my nerves on certain occasions. Gonna be a while (if ever) before we see this fixed.
  5. Definitely not glitches, just good ol' counselor teamwork.
  6. I had no idea they've planned more games. Huh...
  7. New multiplayer content for sure. New maps , new counselors is what I'd like. I like single player/story driven games and I really love this game. But I see no way we could get a good story mode out of this.
  8. I recently played without music after smoking a doobie. I spawned by myself, couldn't find a radio or a map, had no idea if Jason was around or not. I was shitting bricks.... I'll never do it again ?
  9. 2 pocket knives, fire crackers, shotgun and Pam's sweater I had once. Sad to say... I still died... I ended up being the last one left but there was nothing I could get done. But damn, all that shit within a minute? Kudos
  10. I play cause.... I have a problem. Yup, my name is onyx and I'm an addict. This game is crack. With the right group of people it's just too much fun not to play.
  11. Not a bad idea, but I'd need to see it in action... I feel like a lot of counselors would just pick a hiding spot and sit there instead of going for the objectives.
  12. Reasons why I don't play Chad... 1. Chad is a dick...
  13. I walk around like a boss whistling "Farmer in the dell". Then again... I do that as a counselor too...
  14. I don't lock those. One hit and they're down either way.
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