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  1. Gun's biggest priority is finishing the engine update and dedicated servers. Uber Jason and Grendel will most likely be released with the engine update or after dedicated servers.
  2. This would definitely be the best way to fix the unlock requirements for weapon swapping. Reaching 113, especially with the lack of dedicated servers on consoles and the fact that people have lives, is too much of a grind for something like weapon swapping. It seems like Gun is trying to keep people playing by locking cool features that should've been in the game when it launched in May behind a massive grind.
  3. Choke and Head Punch because of how fast they are. The only situation where I'll spam Head Punch without anyone trying to troll is if I'm fighting at least two people who are trying to repair an objective so they have less time to repair Any of the Neutered kills The toilet kill
  4. Head Punch seems to be faster but you need slightly more space for it to activate.
  5. No. Small maps were a horrible idea from the start. We don't need more of them.
  6. It's just counselors feeling entitled to using their pocket knife. Just ignore them or tell them to block.
  7. More holiday themed counselor outfits. More dancing emotes. If Gun is going to add more emotes then they should be communication ones. Anything that makes it easier to kill Jason. Jason being afraid of water/drowning like in that scene from FvJ.
  8. Fixers and stealthy characters are my priorities. If I find a fixer AND a hider, I'll go after the fixer. Even better if I find someone who can fix and hide well.
  9. Jason teaming isn't against the rules anymore but quitting is? When did that happen? Do we now have to stay in the match until it's over? We can't leave after we die or escape (if we aren't the host, of course)?
  10. Jason Voorhees is a treasure hunter confirmed.
  11. I think it might be the player trying to be nice to you in hopes that you forgive them and don't report them. I just ignore that. If you cheated, then you deserve your punishment.
  12. I put collision detection. It's really stupid to see your weapon pass right through a counselor.
  13. I agree with you. I hate the small maps. They are way too counselor favored. At least it's possible to escape on Jarvis House and Pinehurst. An objective is easily repaired within the first five minutes most of the time. They were made when Gun was going through their "buff counselors and make it easier for noobs" phase. Gun has confirmed that there will be no more small maps. These three are the only ones we have to deal with. The small maps should be removed from the QP rotation and be playable in SP only or a host has to choose them. The random option should only include the large maps.
  14. I hate it when that happens. On the 15th of last month, I had gotten six kills as Jason on either Crystal Lake or Packanack (Not sure which one it was). I'm pretty sure Rage hadn't even activated yet. I knew where Tommy and a Tiffany were at. Someone tried repairing a car, but before I could morph over there and get another kill, the game started lagging a lot. I somehow managed to morph over there, and that's when the lag gets really bad. It gets so bad I can't even move my camera. I'm playing with Jason looking at the camera. When I finally start regaining control, that's when the game loses connection. I end up discovering that the host was a 14 year old who shut off his wifi (Either out of anger or boredom). This was also against six level 150s. The seventh counselor was around level 20 or 30. It felt really good to be demolishing multiple high level players. I was expecting to have to work really hard to beat them. @JasonSquared Were you able to determine how many kids and adults rage quit? Is there a higher chance to have a kid rage quit?
  15. Agree 100%. There are people who like to play P3 Retro, so removing him completely would be a bad idea.
  16. It might be because Roy is human. Maybe his Shift is slower because he doesn't have the full power of the real Jason?
  17. I honestly don't know. Longer cooldown plus normal speed means you have an easier time catching up to the car and reaching counselors that are far away. However, if you don't reach the car in time, then it's most likely going to escape. It also gives counselors more time to run away. Normal cooldown plus slower speed allows for more Shifting and is easier to control, but it's harder to get in front of a car and it takes longer to catch up to a counselor. This is a difficult choice for me.
  18. No more heavily counselor favored maps, please. At least Jarvis House and Pinehurst can be fixed easily.
  19. They fixed it? So now I can hit block, drop it, and then attack right after Jason drops the block again? I don't have to exit and reenter CS or wait for a ridiculously long amount of time to continue attacking? Thank god.
  20. I'd love crossplay between PS4 and XB1, but not PC. PC users have an advantage with K+M and there's more hackers. I know that one day PS4 and XB1 will be hacked, but I think we should try to minimize the amount of hackers currently as much as possible.
  21. I had a Part 3 Jason chase me for over FIFTEEN minutes. He had already killed two counselors. He ended up killing me when there was around three or four minutes remaining and then he killed another guy at the very end. He even ignored an AFK counselor to chase me. I messaged him to ask him about it and he said "I had to kill you man". I asked him why and what did I do to upset you that much but he never replied. I'm guessing he either decided to tunnel someone and I just happened to be that person or I beat him in a different video game and he happened to recognize my name and wanted payback. I was Mitch, meaning Jason was so high that it was hard for him to catch a stoner lol. The lesson of all this? Tunneling can be very bad, especially if the counselor being tunneled is one that has been playing since digital launch and has been watching/reading tips from pros.
  22. That's exactly why I suggested that Jason needs to be damaged heavily for the kill to work. Otherwise I would have no problem with that ability. The Jason death animation for this kill should replicate his death from Part 3. You should get extra XP and an achievement/trophy for performing the kill in the Higgins barn (Maybe Part 3 should be required for the trophy/achievement, but it's not that big of a deal). EDIT: Jenny's kill should also count for the "Roll Credits" trophy/achievement.
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