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  1. Fixed. Gun didn't learn from the past issues on F13, which led to the game's servers being down on that day.
  2. 3 Trap Strategy

    One at the shack (I do this with all Jasons), one at the phone, and one at the four seater.
  3. Regarding the upcoming patch - 11.27.17

    Very interested in what you guys have to say.
  4. Retro Jason SLASHERS

    Yeah, you played two games and killed everyone. Two.
  5. Because Jason can instantly kill counselors if he catches the boat.
  6. 3. It would've been a four or five, but the last balance patch ruined that.
  7. Yep. Gun has definitely let greed corrupt their minds just like DBD's Behavior Interactive. They don't care about being true to the movies. All they care about is pleasing the entitled whiny counselor kids. Sad to hear about this. Guess one day we'll be seeing Jason hit a counselor 3-5 times with a melee attack to put them a crippled state so he can grab them.
  8. I like these changes. Especially the rage ones. Killing Jason will be harder when he has Rage active.
  9. Can jason run?

    Because of fast he can run. Parts 2, 3, and 4 have more of a jog that an actual run. He would easily be able to get within grab range. As @NoOneK9503 said, Jason can't run because he has Shift.
  10. Wow... you are a really selfish player. You must not understand what cooperative means then.
  11. No. Never. I know your intentions are good, but there are far too many people who will abuse this. This will make trolling worse.
  12. Disable Party Chat?

    No. Too many players rely on this feature, so they would naturally whine to Gun and Illfonic, who would then reverse the change.
  13. We haven't even gotten a response from devs about this. They're either giving us the silent treatment (For the billionth time) or they just don't care enough.
  14. 15 / 8

    This is one of the funnier bugs this game has.