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  1. It's more of a why not really, not anything that immediately needed to be added. But why not have a way to give props to people
  2. How about at the end of matches have a way to vote for the game Martyr, Coward , and maybe Hero. Atleast Martyr and Coward, Hero is a addition from some friends who I brought it up to. Maybe add a little counter in badges for how many of each you get. But how great would it be to recognize the guy that fought Jason so you can escape in the car, or how you can pin the weasel who sold you out or took the car or boat and left you in the dust. Could even call Coward The Chad
  3. Just need one more send me a message JakeJeckel0628
  4. I'm up and at it send me an invite or let's start a private game JakeJeckel0628
  5. If you could sir send me an invite I only got time for one or two but will be on later tonight JakeJeckel0628
  6. Add me as well Jakethemistake69 I'm searching right now will most likely being playing rest of day and night
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