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  1. Thanks for the suggestions everyone. So you can hit the back of the car to disable it too? Thought that only worked in front of the car.
  2. I do not play Jason very well against experienced, teamwork-focused groups of counselors, which obviously will just take practice which will be easier once single-player mode allows everyone to play as Jason as many times as they want to practice shift grabbing and other techniques, but I ran into a problem the other day that I couldn't figure out how to solve. If the counselors get the car up and running and you morph in front of it but they get going in reverse before you can hit the car, how do you stop it? If you morph behind them they can just go forward, then morph is recovering while they book it to the exit. If you don't, they can drive to the exit in reverse. Suggestions please? PSN: TreeburnerCT
  3. Have a mic, NE US, PSN: TreeburnerCT
  4. Looking right now, only have time for a couple matches after wasting 45 minutes looking for a public game to no avail. NE US, have mic, PSN: TreeburnerCT Got an invite, thanks.
  5. I don't necessarily have a problem with underage kids playing, but what I can't stand is ending up in a lobby with a bunch of idiots spouting d00dspeak, especially "You're gay", "That's gay", "He's gay" over and over. Also F-this, F-that, I can only listen to so much of that nonsense before I turn into a grumpy old man of 34 and tell them to shut the F up. PSN: TreeburnerCT
  6. Looking for other adults or at least not loudmouths that need to be muted to ignore inane laughing or constant swearing. No mic atm but have one on the way, and located in NE USA. PSN: TreeburnerCT
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