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  1. Sorry about that. My definition of 'playing correctly' = not spamming windows, hoarding certain Items, using teamwork, no looping around furniture, no team killing/working with Jason.... etc 'Playing correctly' In the context you asked.....Mainly force Jason-player to not GRAB all the time, and-God forbid-force counselor-players to use combat. Don't get me wrong, my Idea won't nerf Jason/make all counselors GOD, It will literally give everyone a fighting chance.
  2. Yes! With a name like Camp Blood I think any original Dark/creepy/other worldly asthetic will be fine.
  3. I tried searching for what I'm about to post, and couldn't find anything specific. This suggestion might remedy Issues players are having, I.E. shift-stalk-grab-kills/jason spamming grabs/players NOT playing the game the way It was Intended. Make the Pocket knife a weapon you can pick up, like a baseball bat, wrench, etc. When Jason grabs you, you still get the Instant break free-lose pocket knife result the only difference-It will eliminate the reliance on pocketknifes/hoarding. Now, to balance gameplay.... Make all weapons have a 'help-you-break-away' feature. Example, If your character Is healthy and equips a skillet before Jason grabs, your chances of breaking free(composure) should drastically Increase-and of course Jason's ability to perform a GrabKill should decrease-because the skillet can 'stun' Jason (also It's smaller, realistically you would be able to use It better in extreme close proximity). Another example, If your character Is wounded while holding a baseball bat, and Jason grabs you, the reverse, You will have a harder time breaking free/Jason will have an easier time preforming a GrabKill. The smaller the weapon the easier It Is to break free/harder It Is to fight and vice-versa the bigger the weapon the easier It is to fight/harder to break free. Balance will come from players.....using teamwork ??? I don't think this will alter combat In a negative sense. IMO, it will eliminate pocket knife hoarders, force people to play correctly, and lastly make people 'get gud' combat wise.
  4. I have an idea for a map.... Camp Blood. Roll with me, a camp based around the 'myth' of Jason, I.E. Camp Blood. im thinking a Silent Hill-esc aesthetic. Something surreal, even otherworldly(within the context of the game of course).
  5. But would any of your 'missing' combos be practical? From a game changing perspective I can see speed and composure, just not the others.
  6. Thanks for the advice, I might do that. Right now I'm playing as Chad In hopes of finding a Pamela tape.
  7. I'm digging the Idea of new Characters. I love my girl A.J., but It's getting old playing as her.
  8. By new counselor do you mean new looks, or different stats? I would say all current counselors fit every 'character type'. Maybe not look, but definitely stat-wise.
  9. Good Ideas! Not sure If anyone else would share my sentiment, I would love to see the NES version recreated (minutes the zombies, and single player of course).
  10. Yes, lets make Jason even slower..... ??? A crouch ability would be cool, and I agree with the music change Idea. I think a good Implementation for crouch would be for sense/tracking. Seeing glowing trails were people have been, maybe? good post!
  11. I didn't find a topic for this. Window spamming.... It sucks. Would It be possible to make window kills a thing? In my opinion, I think if a counselor Is near death/wounded/crawls thru a window Instead of Jumping thru, If Jason Is right behind them, or VERY near a prompt for an Enviromental kill should pop up. Not only would this stop window spamming, It would add a new layer of fun to both Jason and the counselors. (Drowning)
  12. I don't mind Spectating. Hiding counselors make It less fun, but all-in-all I'm so happy with the game, I don't mind. Unless I'm forced to watch people working with Jason.... Half joking, half not..... How cool would It be, during Spectation mode, to play a suped up version of NES friday the 13th to pass the time? Solo, or multiplayer.
  13. so yesterday, I was playing as Jason, Higgins Haven, long story short, I chased multiple counselors Inside the main house, and one cheeky player was literally running around the couch/coffee table area near the fire place. I could'nt get them! I tried shift, fast walk(I was part eight Jason), and finally attacking to hit them thru the couch.... nothing worked. The whole ordeal made me feel less-empowered as Jason..... i realize, I should have given up and pursued other counselors, but come on, furniture would NEVER stop Jason, Impede-but not stop. Would breakable furniture be doable?
  14. Good stuff! Being grabbed / breaking free does need to be Ironed out. Sadly, It might make the game unbalanced.
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