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  1. Seriously? The updated Retro Jason and that new game mode for starters...
  2. Oh man! I can't wait for this to come out to boost the horrid PC numbers! Wait? WHAT?! It's not for PC? R.I.P. Friday the 13th:The Game on STEAM
  3. We're all entitled to our opinions. Back then, there was a higher element of fear, and when done right, the team killing was AMAZING! I once held up someone at gun point for a spot on the boat, alternatively, someone held me up for my items. I loved that element of realism. Also, the random team killing didn't happen as often on STEAM.
  4. I would go back to the earlier builds before they took out team killing and changed the way windows were broken. It's almost like every bad glitch that happened started and snowballed out of control after those changes. Specifically the window thing. They took out team killing because the were worried the player base would go away... a lot of good that did us.
  5. Congrats Devs... I thought you couldn't POSSIBLY make the game worse than you already made it with the last update, but this last one has effectively killed off the STEAM populace. At least the Ultimate Slasher Edition is coming out soon to boost our player base! Oh? What's that? That isn't for PC users? *smacks head* I feel incredibly disrespected. I genuinely hope you are all ashamed of yourselves. You know what you did.
  6. Yeah, I've seen that loads of times... usually Vanessa's though
  7. I was flabbergasted to hear that you guys don't consider the lobby thing that causes parties to get broken up to be a priority when it is the SINGLE most critical issue we have on Steam right now. NO ONE wants to play right now because of it, and now I hear that's not even considered a critical issue to you guys... is that true?!
  8. Telling you right now, that last comment from @wes DEFINITELY killed all my future purchases regarding anything Gun Media/Illfonic. After all, it's bad business to invest in a company that lives only to crush your soul. I literally supported you guys all the way up until that last comment... Bad business... whatever...
  9. From what I keep hearing, we should have a final ruling by October. Either way... I don't care if the ruling doesn't come for another full year. We were promised something in a MAJOR way, and are now basically being slapped in the face with BS saying we'll NEVER see the things we were promised no matter what. I can't believe I stood up for you guys all the way until now... A simple, "We'll release the Jason X stuff as soon as possible if possible" would pacify me. I don't care if we get anything else after that, but the fact is, we were teased with new game modes, new maps and a new Jason only to be met with, "Sorry backers, guess you backed the wrong game" Whatever... you broke my heart Gun Media/Illfonic.
  10. As a backer and supporter since day 1, thanks for the giant slap in the face. The ruling is coming soon enough that you don't need to abandon it...
  11. So... when is the earliest possible date this could be over if all things go well in the game's favor?
  12. Fucking terrible... I backed this game, and have played it religiously almost every day for a whole year. PLEASE tell me there is SOMEthing you can do to change this... Otherwise, we know that this means the death of the game. There won't be any revenue going forward to keep the servers open for much longer... I am truly depressed about this...
  13. I'm thankful to be playing on Steam where the integrity of the Savini Jason is still in tact. If I was an Xbox user, I'd be demanding the money back that I used for that skin.
  14. I can't add friends on Steam, I can accept, but not add since I haven't purchased enough content on Steam. STEAM ID: Jaze Hartless I'm mature and reliable not to be a total moron. Add me and we'll kick some ass! I need more steam friends, so let's do this!
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