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  1. Come on folks, This game has been out long enough, with several updates and patches under its belt already. It's time to 'fix' this! This game is all about staying in motion (lest you make it easy for Jason to Shift right up to you and get the kill), and having to go hands-off the controller to press and hold 'T' for chat...Thereby having you become a still target vs a moving one... is completely counter-intuitive to the game, not to mention annoying! Yes, this topic has come up before but this time I'm being more specific in the Title, as well as addressing it as a REQUEST (because I want/need it) and not just a SUGGESTION. Thank you.
  2. Yeah, I must be in among that 10% as well. I've literally been trying to connect (PC version, clicking the retry or restarting every few minutes) since 8:00am this morning and it's now 10:30pm (just tried again and still no go)!! I also complained in another thread that being improperly prepared for overwhelming response on launch seems to be the norm for new titles these days, but that puts the onus on the Devs to do better stress testing in BETA, and NOT on us the consumers to accept as "just how it is". That being said, I do appreciate Wes actually explaining what the issues are and that they did try to be ready for very high load on launch but never thought it would actually be so high as it was.
  3. "For Honor" is a recently released game that comes to mind with regard to Day1 issues. Disconnects galore, no connections at all, and a few nasty bugs here and there...But AT LEAST you were able to play (if you couldn't connect for PvP games, you could still at least play offline and practice). I'm on PC and bought this game on release day, it took a few tries of getting the 'Database Login error', I was finally able to get in and played about 6 games, but then got kicked and couldn't reconnect and finally gave up for the rest of the evening. For me, the time is now 3:44pm and literally since about 8:00am I've been trying to get into this game with ZERO luck. That's BS! It's one thing to be overburdened due to unexpected demand, but this is a complete lockout. I didn't pay $40 for a game I can't play, at all. ...And I don't agree with the notion that this can be expected since so many other games have had issues at launch...Because then the Devs should've taken that into account during BETA testing and more stringently stress tested their servers.
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