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  1. I can't see that working, unless you let Jason jump too, which would be kind of awful, because otherwise counselors might be able to reach places Jason can't (eg. standing on top of a car out of Jasons reach) and break the game
  2. Besides the obvious, what other games are you all playing frequently? The ones I play the most right now are : Injustice 2, TitanFall 2 and Starblood Arena, occasionally RIGs as well. I'll have Star Trek Bridge Crew tomorrow so I'm sure I'll be playing that a lot too.
  3. I'm not going to post any spoilers here, just how I felt about the film : Like Prometheus, it *looks* stunning, it's a beautiful film, shot well, also all the actors are great, especially Fassbender. However, the only way I can make sense of its story is that : after the critical panning of Prometheus (most deserved, some a little OTT in my opinion), they've totally ditched the 3 film story arc they were setting up in the first film, because, this film doesn't really work as a sequel....but it doesn't really work as a prequel to Alien either, as...well, no spoilers but, the way it plays out, means Alien & Aliens couldn't have happened. So, basically, I think they've ditched whatever their Prometheus story line was, and instead have turned this in to a reboot of the Alien franchise. Overall I thought Covenant was ok, better than Prometheus anyway.
  4. Fair enough, I took "If it were up to me (VALVE)" to mean you did
  5. Hi, Just joined as I was looking up some issues I was having with the game (which I am otherwise loving), but might stick around. This is the first time I've played a Friday The 13th game since the C64 days (yes, I'm old). Big fan of the F13 series, and horror in general (the trashier the better IMO). From Ireland & playing on PS4
  6. That's all fine, we're all wanting the issues fixed ASAP, but the other guy was claiming to work at valve and having never even *heard* of a game having issues at launch, which is just....
  7. EA games are literally notorious for online issues at launch, that's a AAA developer and some of their "flagship" franchises....so I find this difficult to believe TBH
  8. Just saw they have already talked about the XP thing here :
  9. I'm having this same issue on PS4, just started playing today, and after maybe 6 matches my level is exactly the same as when I started.
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