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  1. I'm johnyreico, on steam, Add me for Private matches I have 3 others that I game with on occasion and can bring them in to make up the numbers, English speaking and have a Mic. Happy to be Jason or Councillors no preference.
  2. On the other side of the coin, it would be nice to have a quick way to add People to a favourite list that allows you to play with them more often even making private matches with not steam friends, this would start to remove Peoples annoyance with Dropouts as they would be able to have a list of people they have enjoyed playing the game with that they know to be reliable and their kind of player, so those that like to troll the Jasons can have private matches without queuing to find that the Jason is not someone they like or the Jason is Too Good/ Too Bad. this then doesn't penalise the Players but instead empowers them to gain a group that they want to play with over drop outs and Players you do not like to play with. I know it's a little off topic in terms of penalty for leaving but sometimes penalties do not work but having an option that at the end of a match you can send a request to someone to have them on an in-game friends list would maybe be a way to do this without the time penalty or XP Penalty.
  3. some of the roleplaying Jason's have been the best funniest convo's I have had in the game, I would like it to be optional if it's added so some of us can enjoy the silliness that is Certain Jasons trying to Talk big or scary.
  4. Yeah had a group tell me they were reporting me for it happening to me, I have no idea what I did was in a tent hiding the cops arrived left and started running and instead of going forward I went up.
  5. Had the same issue occur for me. and a group that were playing together Basically tried to mass report me for cheating. If I knew this was going to happen I would not have done it, I love this game and it really wound me up that players blame you for something that seems to be a glitch on the map.
  6. he might have hit the glitch I did last night where you start floating and can go places you should not be able to. throwing knife is the only way to kill this glitch as I discovered when I had a play have the same glitch on my run as Jason. no idea what causes it. I tried to email the devs to let them know but got an email back saying they are very busy and unlikely to be able to get back to you.
  7. It would be nice if they considered a Final Girl mechanic, as well as the Tommy Jarvis Kill's, As most Slasher fans know there is always the last character alive being able to topple the Slasher, so if Jason has killed all but one counsellor then that counsellor should be able to finally put down Jason. I think that Maps will likely be free but you might find that the Jason and killers are not. It would be nice to have a new set of counsellors if they release the Jason X stuff and can add a new skin to Tommy Jarvis to have Kay-em 14 be the called person rather than Jarvis.
  8. what I would ask is how the sleeping bag kill or any environment kills that require a item to be close will work if there is no incentive to go into the as there isn't going to be a piece to help fix x in the sleeping bag. or is there like a rest mechanic where the councilors need to rest. i can see it being a hiding place but any jason Killer would just preform the move to ensure that no one was hiding in there.
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