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  1. Really? my bad. I gotta try that again then because I jump in the boat and the guy on the dock tried for 2 or 3 mins to get in and couldn't. Finally he told me to leave without him. maybe you gotta be at a certain angle or something.
  2. So I was playing the game today and another player found the propeller to the boat engine and I got the gas. However, we were disappointed to learn we couldn't both jump in the boat, especially when it looks so big. It was a bummer. I future updates I would like to see the boat be able to fit more at least 2 people. If there were a one seated water vehicle, I would rather see a paddle canoe. You would have to be able to find the paddles first and then in order to get across the lake you would have to play a mini-game to paddle...the entire way. It would suck and be awesome. Plus a canoe moves slow enough that maybe even Jason could catch you sometimes since he seems to be able to swim pretty well. ( although maybe I just think so because he killed me in the water twice while I was swimming.) Anyway its just a thought. Thanks.
  3. The only other trouble I had was it would not save my customization of Jason. The counselors saved fine. However, for Jason, after the "would you like to save these settings" screen comes up and I hit the button the saving icon just continues to spin. I waited a couple minutes and just continued to spin and spin and spin. Finally I had to close the game and restarted. I don't think it would be connected, but I figure the more information they have the better to find the fix.
  4. Hello, I have been playing Friday the 13th on PS4 and for some reason the experience is not building to my level? Do I have to click something. Has anyone else experienced this? I know there have been some connection issues, but I have played at least 4 games now and have been stuck as the same experience level. I was leveling up when I first started playing the game, but am now stuck on level five. Any word on this? Thanks. Really enjoying it so far. Great work everyone. -Thomas
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