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  1. You have to enter Combat Stance to Block and in Combat Stance you can't Grab. If you think it's bad that he can block these you should see what happens when he gets shot. He'll drop... and get back up. Almost like he was some sort of supernatural manifestation of evil. Like something out of a Horror Movie. What was that one in the '80's, took place in some Summer Camp... they made tons of them.
  2. "Dead by Daylight" does offer you some things that "Friday The 13th" doesn't. It plays differently. Always 4 vs 1, activate 5 generators to make 2 exits available and escape. The killer has to hunt you down and sacrifice you on hooks. - You get a fully functioning game that works all the time. - The killer hosts. If they quit because they got salty, you get a bonus and another survivor quitting won't penalize you. - You can play as the Killer whenever you want and ALWAYS get a match. - You can play as a Survivor anytime you want and always get a match. - It encourages Team Play by giving the biggest rewards for this. - You can't talk in the match but you will want a decent headset as many queues are audio. - You can have a match in a party with your friends and still get XP. You just can't have a party that includes the Killer. - There are some permanent Perks but not many. Gameplay is altered by items and one off modifiers that will last the next match and then be gone. As a result you don't have to worry about people stacking a lobby with a bunch of ridiculously OP perk having Counsilors. It's fun but it's different and right now it's biggest strength is it's functional stability. "Friday The 13th" is definitely pips "Deady By Daylight" in the gameplay department though. It's just done so perfectly.
  3. Some communities are more toxic than others. PC seems to be the most toxic of them all and that's not a swipe against PC players. Just seems to be how it is but no platform is safe from morons and jerks. Some also seem to manage it better than others.
  4. I'd like to report Sephiroth666z and DarkRicochet117... But it would be a lie if I did. Which is why name and shame in General Discussion Forums is a bad idea. All platforms have ways you can avoid players. I'm not sure how robust STEAM and Playstation LIVE's reporting systems are but on XBox LIVE you can not only avoid but you can report and go into specific detail about what an offender was doing. Prolific offenders can find their voice privileges revoked or end up serving bans from LIVE or being banned completely. Frequent griefers and jerks who receive consistent feedback about how they are jerks to play with end up getting placed in matches with other jerks which is fantastic, cuz i don't wanna play with them.
  5. No. You have to be careful where you shoot. Jason had me in grasp, buddy tried to save me by shooting Jason. Unfortunately he shot us both and I was betrayed. He was very apologetic and you could tell he was sincere. He was trying to save me so I told him no worries. He certainly wasn't griefing.
  6. Been a bit hit and miss with just getting a game on XBox ONE. People with COD attention spans quit out the lobby if if fails to fill in 30 seconds. But the matches I have had have been really good. The 1 time I've been Jason managed to snuff everyone out as well by being patient and taking away their escape routes, downing power and smashing windows before concentrating on finishing them off.
  7. If it's easy enough to implement Host Migration and Letting Jason host then they should definitely do.
  8. And sometimes you spawn in a bad place and Jason Morphs there right away and kills you. Sometimes you go through all the drawers in a large cabin and all you find is a 2nd walkie-talkie in a game with no mics. There's a lot you can do as Jason to disrupt the Counselors organising to gang up on you. Certainly it can play to your advantage if the Counselors are trying to posse up and hunt you down. It leaves you free to shut down all means of escape and with time on your side the advantage is yours. At the end of the day you're Jason and it's "Your Game". You have lots of tools to stay in control even if the Counselors have excellent perks and a desire to work as a Team. Also if the Counselors are playing cheap then don't be afraid to do the same. Chop, knife, trap, smash. Getting ganged up on by Counselors is annoying. But killing them all in the end is all the more enjoyable.
  9. That's a very good point and something they ought to be able to control. They definitely should amend this with an update.
  10. Same here. I always close the window I enter through so it doesn't look like there's anyone there. I always lock the door because if you don't Jason can open it. As Jason I'll sometimes knock doors down early on or damage them because it makes getting in a lot easier and I know as a counselor I always think twice about rushing into a cabin with a smashed door. As Jason I'll also smash any window I see.
  11. If she gets to the Radio... can she call her son? Sorry, I couldn't resist that. Is Pamela Jason's mother? I also thought it would be cool if she was the killer.
  12. Has the game become stale or is the OP just unhappy that people are failing to play in the manner that would keep him the most entertained?
  13. Did you miss the bit where I told you I've seen the 2nd exit? It's sly why they did it and I understand why players miss it since when Jason is chasing you and you hit the fence at the end of the road you're probably not going to stop and evaluate if there happen to be any small paths off to the side. That's the difference between playing the game and letting the internet play it for you and I have to say the former is much more fun.
  14. Sorry you killed your game man. Sometimes it's more fun when you don't know everything. There's more to discover, explore and enjoy.
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