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  1. I said a clear path. Juking is obviously a must, but the idea is to put something between yourself and Jason. Also, you can't make a hard 90 degree turn out of shift once you've started moving. If you're catching people juking, they are either timing it wrong or it's latency -- and latency is usually the issue. Can't tell you how many times I've been just outside arms length of Jason during a stand off and I get grabbed anyway, the game just doesn't register last minute movements very well and those moments usually go to the aggressor, which is usually Jason.
  2. I gotta agree here. Shift + Grab is only easy when you're running in a clear path away from Jason. I think it's fair game with that. I do wish there was a little more delay with grab, but if it's going to make Jason less threatening, it might not be worth it.
  3. LFG, NuSix3 - just want to have some fun.
  4. When it happens 10/10 games in a row and the most I said was, "hi," or the dreaded, "I got the gas," something is wrong. There's less trash talk in Counter-Strike - and I understand and accept it a hell of a lot more there. I'm telling you, this is different. It's weird, uncomfortable, and anti-fun. And I apologize for my first reply. I was already triggered from another bad game.
  5. Oh, so people who want to have fun and just chill are the ones in the wrong. Okay. That makes sense.
  6. Yes. People like you ruin the game for people like me. Fuck off.
  7. What happened in the last 24 hours? I played this game all day yesterday - every other group had decent people (and by decent I mean people who were trying to have fun and would communicate, even if was just about objectives). Even the quiet games were just quiet. Now nobody talks unless they are talking trash - and not the friendly kind. It's either super boring or you're with people you just want to kill IRL. And the Jasons won't shut-up either. Is the game dead already?
  8. Killing Jason isn't supposed to be the norm. You're only supposed to attempt it with a prearranged party or when the stars just happened to be aligned in a PUG. It would ruin the game if this became the norm.
  9. I really think the amount of time it takes should depend on the character grabbed and their stats. Characters with low composure should have less time to fight their way out. Characters with high strength should have an easier time mashing their way out, but the length of time is still dependent on their fear level. Vanessa, that preppy guy, Deborah and the fat guy with glasses should almost be insta-kills. Also, the time should decrease with successive grabs regardless of stats.
  10. I want devs to actually read this, so lets just get right to the point. The game is awesome, but in need of some quality of counselor life improvements in lieu of counselor communication, which is few and far between and even when present, difficult to relay. How can a dead player tell the group he dropped the gas in the woods? General Balance: 1. Like Jason's abilities that get better over time, additional objective items should spawn as the counselors become fewer and fewer - but not to the point where everything gets duplicated. Maybe another gas or propeller, fuse...etc. - Final 2 counselors too often try to wait out the clock as items get lost on the map. Give them a push to keep them motivated and keep things interesting. Perhaps even a sole survivor buff that increases stats for the last remaining counselor (not Tommy and not while Tommy is active). 2. If someone with a walkie-talkie walks in the vicinity of an objective item, it should appear on the map for everyone with a walkie - this should be retroactive for anyone who finds a walkie after items have been discovered. You can't count on other people to talk. 3. Change the dodge mechanic completely. It shouldn't be timed with Jason's swings. Pings are too scattered in the game for it to be a consistent means of battling Jason. Shift + direction in combat stance should juke at the cost of a little stamina. Characters with low strength (less than 5) should have significantly weaker dodge mechanics - so much that even a very skilled player should struggle with Deborah against Jason. 4. IF and only if counselor improvements are made - start giving Jason visual cues no matter what direction he is facing that someone screwed up a repair, or has run out of stamina in the water, or got caught in a trap. 5. Characters with composure over 5 get an adrenaline rush that increases their stamina after surviving a close encounter with Jason. It should be enough that Jason cannot catch back up to them if he's been hit with a pocket knife - he gets too many second and third chances with people as is. Certain characters deserve to get away if Jason plays it wrong. Close encounter should be defined as: taking 1 melee hit from almost full health, escaping a grab, passenger or driver of a car that's been stalled by Jason. Knife throws and bear trap wounds negate adrenaline rush or prevent it from happening. Once used, 1st aid spray must be applied before it can happen again. 6. Jason shouldn't be able to see cars on map until he's discovered them or until they've been started. Really good Jasons have been able to decimate counselors far too early because of this, especially on packanack. 7. Objective Items removed from the map should immedietly respawn. A text message should appear notifying players that an objective item as been replaced so they know to recheck houses. This message should only appear for removed game items - NOT duplicate items from suggestion 1 items that have been used to complete and objective (i.e. filling a car with gas will not force an extra gas tank to appear on map). Other: 1. Tommy Jarvis should get XP rewards based on the number of escaped counselors AFTER he entered the game and for 1 MINUTE AFTER dying. Too many Tommy's try and play like they are a counselor. His purpose should be to assist counselors' escape if killing Jason isn't a possibility (which it almost never is). Jason should receive less reward for killing Tommy before counselors and increased reward if Tommy is the last to die and no counselors escaped. Make the conflict interesting in game! Give Jason greater objective! 2. Mute Jason by default. Player doesn't have an option to change this. This hurts the game more than anything I've written above. You guys did so good with the atmosphere, why ruin it all with this?
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