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  1. I gotta say i bought this game because of Ohm,but yeah i only watch these 3 (Ohm,Stoiker,Play with Jason),not missing a vid from them.Stoiker's vids are almost ASMR lol,idk why.
  2. Alright,now it time for them to remove white and blue perk rolls after a certain level.Rolling whites while i am lvl 150 will be ridiculous.
  3. Generally,sure why not,even though it is not necessary in this game,but also the option to play casual should be available.Right now,absolutely not.There's a lot of shit that need fixing right now,meaning that ranks would not even closely correspond to the player skill.
  4. Agree.Second biggest noob indicator after run->walk->run->walk...lol
  5. Yes i agree,i probably wasnt so clear,I didnt mean i want savini's pitchfork to part 2,i like the pitchfork that the video shows,but that kill is one of savini's kills,and i wouldnt like that.I d like some unique kills for part 2 common pitchfork.
  6. Nice idea,hit detection absolutely needs fixing and stamina loss would help too.
  7. Same.I cant find the costumes or kills on steam either.Do we know what time they will be available?
  8. What really makes me sad is all these ppl in the comments supporting this shit.80k subs?pfff the damn internet.
  9. New patch in a few words:Counselors get buffed,Jason gets nerfed.Anyway,that is a bad change indeed.If someone drops the item in the middle of the woods team gets fucked up(previously i mean).Which is as it is supposed to be in a game that is teamwork based.A middle solution that I think would make everyone happy would be map showing dead bodies instead of items.Now,I see the item in the map,i go grab it,job done.In the solution i mentioned,the item is probably next to a body but i still have to go search all the bodies to find it,and also covers the first thing i mentioned,in case someone drops it on purpose.
  10. Its probably gonna be today i think but yeah,who s gonna give a shit about it after Halloween.noone s gonna buy it after the Halloween is over.
  11. The fact that I am lvl 80,half of my perks are epic and the remaining half are rare(orange),and i still roll the same perks in blue and white is bs.This random system doesnt even make sense,and there is no point in rolling whites and blues after u exceed a lvl.
  12. I saw a leaked one someone posted here,he slashes his left leg off to the knee and then beheads him or sth like that.I call this thread will be deleted soon.
  13. where the hell is Mitch?Mitch doesnt have a swimsuit,Mitch doesnt have a Halloween costume,Mitch deserves some love too.
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