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  1. They may "crack down" on non-functional games, but that isn't the case here. The game works when you can get in, and a lot of us have been able to, to some extent at least. You've just been one of the unlucky ones it seems.
  2. I've been playing on and off when I can, and also checked on the forums, and haven't seen these things suggested, so apologies if they're already here somewhere. I had a few suggestions regarding spectating. 1. Still be able to view the map/status menu while spectating. 2. Be able to cycle through other players dead bodies, not just your own. 3. Be able to pan the fixed camp cameras 90° or so. Also, not related to spectating, it would be good to have fear and health meters, because I like meters.
  3. This happens in tons of online games at launch. I don't know why so many people are surprised.
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