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  1. This game was not worth $40 from the start. At least we got a half decent challenge sort of story mode out of this.
  2. I love the Single Player Challenges. Honestly in the future I would love more challenges and I love the cutscenes. It makes me want a full Friday the 13th story mode or mission mode rather then challenges where you play out an entire movie. However the AI seems to notice Jason too quickly in places they should be unable to see him.
  3. I stopped playing for like 3 or 4 months. Looks like I am getting back in. Awesome.
  4. Chucky from Child's Play and Pennywise would be great in Dead by Daylights. After Freddy being in that game, he needs his own game for sure. Also this is just me but I would like the option to see my killer from third person rather then first in a Dead by Daylights sequel. I hate first person. Still awesome and one of the best horror games.
  5. Great articles on how Justice League is doing. I read some of it myself as well. Yeah Justice League is worrying me because if it doesn't do well Warner Brothers has to know there entire DCEU is over. They would have to take a break and just stick with Batman along with Wonder Woman. Aquaman I heard is pretty much finished so they have to release that. If Justice League fails they will probably only stick with Batman and Wonder Woman as films to do in the future. Aquaman depends on its success and the Flash movie is a big what if at this point because that Flashpoint storyline may be scare DC because its a more serious storyline. Honestly unless they are rebooting the universe it makes no sense to do that as a first Flash movie. I wonder rather a Flash film based on Geoff Johns run.
  6. Forbes nor CNN mention Justice League may bomb or anything like that. Even they know better then to make a stupid claim so early when the movie just came out.
  7. John Carpenter's version was the boogeyman and evil itself which is why it will always be in the top 5 best Halloween movies. I will say RZ's first Halloween is better then most of the horrible sequels after the first two original Halloween films. I am glad John Carpenter is back on the sequel and ignoring everything after Halloween 2. I can finally say that mess of sequels is non-canon hopefully next year.
  8. Justice League has to earn 600 million to break even from what CBR and others are hearing. It already has 281 million. Internationally it will be a monster and make the rest of the 600 million. Suicide Squad for crying out loud made $745.6 million and supposed guesses from people in the industry did not even think or imagine it could reach 745 million. Please people like to throw numbers and do not know anything really. The audience loves Justice League. Warner has nothing to worry about. https://www.cbr.com/justice-league-budget-earn-break-even/
  9. Justice League is not bombing. Where on Earth did you hear that? Its doing good. Internationally, Justice League has earned $185.5 million so far. Keep in mind we still have today. When done Justice League will have had a 281.5 million box office or more with both the domestic and international combined. It will have already paid its budget and just needs to double that to make a profit which it will do easily since audiences love it. Critics are being biased. The audience loves Justice League and on Rotten Tomatoes has a 86% compared to the critics reviews which is a huge difference. Internationally they love it a lot and will make most of its money there. US will increase due to word of mouth.
  10. Actually in Dead by Daylight when you get higher in levels you don't need the hook to kill if you get a certain perk or something like that sometimes. Also Freddy jumpstarted new life in this game. Wow so much fun to play with as a survivor going against Freddy or as him. Also his location is one of the best and most fun. Friday the 13th better step there game up because honestly i grew tired of Friday. Too many bugs in the game that ruin it. Dead by Daylights once again is number one.
  11. I went with the 28th because it seems that's when they usually drop an update. LOL also yeah I think from what we have seen this far it does take them that long to drop an update. Even a dlc. I would love to be wrong and they drop it this week.
  12. More then likely the dlc and the next update will be released September 28 or October 28.
  13. DBD got boring very fast for me. DBD needs more killers and maps to keep people's interest. I will start playing again when Michael Myers is released for xbox.
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