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  1. I am interested in helping with this trophy, I am currently at close to 900 Jason attempts. PSN Namrockjr.
  2. That in no way has anything to do with the question. Why do you always try and start shit in the forums? Everytime I see your name in these forums it is trying to start shit. It was a simple question that only needs to be answered by the people it effects. Apparently that isn't you. @GunMedia_Ben Just want you to see that this guy is always trying to start shit on the forums.
  3. They have said when single player is done it will be included in the price as well as all new maps will be at no charge. I never understand how people get so entitled about a video game. If you have played for more than 30 hours you have gotten your moneys worth. I would have paid $60 for the game in the current state and still loved it. It will get better. Just play the game and enjoy it. People waste way more money on stuff that gets you less enjoyment and nothing to show for it.
  4. The reason you see more of the Playstation being reported is simply because there are more PS4's sold then other consoles. You don't see it from PC because the patch has already been added to stop the glitches. There are a-holes playing on all platforms. The biggest problem and the most glitchers are children who watch a youtube video and then repeat what they saw. If the parents paid more attention to their kids and kept them off the M rated games then most, not all but most of the problem would be gone.
  5. That game also makes it so the players with those dunce caps can only play with other players like them. Make the glitchers play with only the glitchers. They would eventually go back to the other games.
  6. If you add leaderboards then the tryhards will come in full force. That would kill the game for all the true fans and make the game unplayable.
  7. I agree they do it for attention. They are worthless and need attention. I don't play quick matches because of these type of players. I play private matches and kick people who try and ruin the experience for others.
  8. I would like a Developer to speak on this also. I don't think I have read anything directly from them.
  9. Just because you are able to do it in the game does not mean it was intended. There is no way to be able to have no glitches until people stumble upon them. When they are found they need to be reported to be fixed. That does not mean you should take advantage of glitches. If you want to stand on a roof and watch a game be played then go to twitch and watch the game. There is no glory in hiding on the roof or other glitches while everyone else has to wait for the match to end.
  10. You would think New Line would go for it to help push for another movie.
  11. If you look at the backer/kickstarter page they have already mentioned to possibility of adding the Jason X space map including the face freeze/smash kill if they hit a certain level of support. Hopefully they are going to do this. I think it would be cool.
  12. Just like other games it is a weekend boost. They have already said they will be adding it sometime on the 23rd. It must suck to be that negative.
  13. As you ran into the cabin the message popped up that someone left. That person may have been laying dead and your character saw them. It would not have showed them dead in the player list
  14. It is possible to change your couselor and Jason to random so they could have been level 50 and still have just blanks for these.
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