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  1. Hi there, I have received two same perks which are Epic ones but I'm not sure if there are combine effects when I equip two same perks... Like 20% first perk effect + 20% second perk effect = 40% combine perks?
  2. Yeah that what i did always on before match screen. But thanks everyone who replies here.
  3. They won't let me to load game after saw the launcher window worked. I tried to use different method that execute summercamp.exe from F13 folder while run as administer. It said online session is missing when the game loads then it made shutdown by itself. Now i can't play this game... Please help
  4. Hi there, i have this skin already but i haven't seen other players wore the Retro skin in most days. I just wonder if Retro skin is very limited to players from the June 20th event. Just curiuous.
  5. I've recorded the video that someone teamkilled on me, i dunno if moderation people will read and give ban someone right away.
  6. I'm using PC, but did not see option that let kick someone. Anybody know how?
  7. I didn't get it when they moved me to return to the lobby or "quick play" where returned at main menu at. I'd prefer to stay in same people, however did not leave from their people if they moved me to "quick play". Why?
  8. Your suggestion looks really good. I can't use microphone because i am deaf legally.
  9. At start of this video, you can see what i brought gasoline was my responsibility to help the teamwork. This is quite shocking why the driver left me (Skip to 2:30) then pick up 3 more escapees fill up in the car. I'm kind of hopeful if developers can see what to do with this video. But i have been heard from someone with this similar problem.
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