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  1. Sick and tired about all your shady tactics and lies about dedicated servers on consoles. First dedicated servers were supposed to be there one release for all 3 platforms for quick match, when only PC actually got hem. Then a week or 2 after the release of the game, you proceed to tell us that consoles would have an host migration tool on which you were basically working on at the time. 3 months later in august you gave us an update about the host migration/dedicated servers tell us that you basically never even worked on an host migration tool (when 3 months earlier the host migration tool was coming) and that the dedicated servers would be the solution. The servers were supposed to be up by late september/mid-october telling people that the main thing holding the implementation of the said servers was the security protocol from Sony/Microsoft and the test/evaluation period. And now you come in telling people that dedicated servers wont come until later after the new engine is implemented around April 2018. it's fucking lies, after lies, after lies just let it go and tell us the truth about the issue, dedicated servers for consoles will never happen for this game. I've started a thread in may last year thats 8-9pages long now with twitter SS and other interesting things about this whole issue. http://forum.f13game.com/topic/4905-no-dedicated-servers-on-consoles-for-quick-matches/
  2. Where are the dedicated servers for consoles that were supposed to come late september mid-october? The last update about the matter was mid-august nothing since then.
  3. So, first they lied to consoles players saying that everyone would be playing on dedicated servers on launch, then in the first 2 weeks they said to be working on Host migration(another lie?) for consoles since there wasn't really any dedicated servers. They left us in the dark, dodging the question for 3 fucking months and now host migration is shit and wont happen? and we are back to consoles supposedly getting dedicated servers? And ask players to bare with this for another couple of months? Really? Aren't the last 3 months enough already? Today i wish i'd never backed this game, and sadly i will never ever back a game again. What a fucking joke.
  4. Hello! it's me... Again! So as i can see they are still contradicting themselves, yes, no, maybe, no, yes, no or maybe they finally gave an answer that there are no dedicated servers? Haven't played F13 at all for the past week because i was playing another game of the same genre but with a completely different gameplay style on PS4 that has way less issue, well i didn't ran into any issue in about 15 hours, is it as fun as F13? no it's not but the no issue made it way more enjoyable for now. So with the 13k CP thing i though last night why not give F13 another try... i tried for 15 min to get into a full QP lobby finally managed to get into one with 2 spots to fill, wait almost 5 more mins, game is full timer start to go down 30 seconds left before the game start YES!! i will be able to p.... You were kicked cause host left the game...NOOOOOOO!! WHY!? WHY?! Close the game. Back to that other game. A month after release i shouldn't still be forced to play Private Match when the game has a QP option. I don't care anymore if they keep contradicting themselves or false advertised their game saying all platforms would have dedicated servers at this point just give us the f***** host migration and ill be happy. I WANT TO PLAY THIS DAMN GAME! A manbaby who wants to play the game he always dream of with a minimum or no issue.
  5. Alright, im done with the game for now or for good. It's either that they rather not talk about it or they are just ignoring the question. I have tried every single day for the past 3 weeks to get answers on twitter and Facebook and a email every 2-3 days with no result. Im out of town for the weekend and when i get back i will get the chance to try out Dead by Daylight on console hoping for better result and this is not the option i wanted to go to, i want F13 to work properly but i dont see that happening in a near future. I cant even describe the deception/frustration im in after seing how everything is handled, i fucking love this game, i've been dreaming of a game like this for the past 30years, where we would get to play one of our beloved late 70s early 80s killer (i would rather play Myers since im more of an Halloween fan ). I may revisit the game once it's stable if there is still a player base. I was a backer, glad i was, but this game was not ready for release at least on consoles.
  6. Yup they did sold the game saying that all platforms would have dedicated servers for quick play and private games were player hosted.
  7. I think you are too much of a fanboy to even recognize/understand the issue LOL. Didn't you read the part i said i played all friday night and saturday night in Private match with friends found fom PSN communities without barely any issue? I'm pretty sure that if they introduce host migration they will do it for both QP and Private, but like i stated on PSN you are in a VOIP with the 7 other players, when the host drop 99% of the time he tells everyone before quitting and doesn't quit in the middle of the game randomly and it takes litterally 20 seconds to re-setup giving everybody a piss/beer break, where in QP host leave 60% of the time when killed early or not Jason so just take 2 little seconds who would need that host migration the most? QP or Private match if you could fix only one of the 2 at the time being?
  8. Host migration would be completely useless for private match, if you are already in a party with the other players it takes literally 20 seconds to re setup a game and usually the said host of the private game wont randomly leave in the middle of a game if killed or not playing as Jason. I'm not the one who said ALL platforms would be playing on dedicated server at the game release they did and 2 weeks in these servers are still MIA with all sort of contradictions.
  9. And this. And i still don't get why they would work on host migration if this... Other than there are no dedicated servers on consoles or they have some pretty major issues with them, or they are lying.
  10. This post was meant to get an answer from them about the servers, not to shit on them for what ever reason. I love the game i think it's great but yes it has a LOT of issues that i hope will get sorted out in time or else the game will slowly die on consoles (just like For Honor pretty much died with his P2P servers). As for now the lack of tools to either migrate the host or to have actual dedicated servers is terrible and unacceptable. This weekend i have been playing private match all night (friday, saturday) with a full group friends (people found from communities) with barely any issues, but when it comes to QP it's a shit show and here all the not so fun things that happend to me during the weekend. 1- you are lucky enough to get the last spot in a full lobby and get to play if the host doesn't leave 2- you get into a lobby where you are the host and the lobby doesn't fill up not matter how long you wait, if you are lucky enough to get people to join the lobby after 10 seconds once they are in when they see there are more than 2 spot open and how fast QP queues are now people leave and requeue leaving you with another spot to fill and so on... 3- you get into an half full lobby and the game launch only to see people leave, with a reason we are less than 5 in the game. 4- the host is from South America and you have 400ms ping you either leave the game of lag and eventually lost connection to host. 5- the host gets killed early, leave the game and boot everyone to the menu, or he gets killed later on and leave anyway and you get kick cause the host left the game 6- people don't get to play as Jason so they leave right when the game start 7- Still not getting any CP as reward when completing the game. This game need a lot of fix and need them FAST. This game was not ready to launch. The launch date for F13 was announced the day after the announcement of the release date of DbD on consoles, did they try to do a quicker launch to be the first of the genre to release on consoles? Who knows and i'm not here for this. Like many others I want answers on the lack of dedicated servers for consoles players when we were told we would play on them.
  11. Well 2 weeks later still no answer, they are dodging this question and i know i'm not the only one asking.
  12. I have a better one, actual dedicated servers like we were told we would have on all 3 Platforms for Quick Play.
  13. Exactly, i don't get why they remain silent about this issue, and im not the only one asking and no one gets answer. Are the devs even on their own forums? do they read whats going on here?
  14. So here are the tweets, unfortunatly i tough i saved the one about dedicated servers but i didn't so i found another one pretty much saying the same thing. First about dedicated servers on consoles. Second one, contradicting themselves saying they are working on host migration, but WHY since were playing on dedicated servers? And the 3rd tweet is what i assume they rather answer to this shit instead of legit post.
  15. For almost 2 weeks, i tried to get an answer on this from Facebook, twitter, email, forums and nothing. This is a serious issue and false advertisement cause i wouldn't have bought the game twice on console knowing this. P2P for quick matches in 2017 is not an option imo in a game like this. Take a look at For Honor and tell me if people were happy to play on player hosted games, i know i was not, i played like 60 hours in about 2 weeks hoping for the best until i realised after 3 weeks nothing would make it works unless dedicated servers and that was not happening so i never played it again. And i got some screenshot (ill post it when i get home from work) from them telling someone on twitter that yes we would be Dedicated servers on consoles for quickmatch and yesterday that tweet i posted that they are working on host migration, why the hell would i need host migration on a dedicated server?
  16. And...... Im back. First thank you for your hard work, thank you for the new patch on PS4, i love the game and I've have been playing all weekend long with friends and we had an amazing time. But i still got the same question, now that we got the patch to stabilized matchmaking and some other bugs, i'm still trying to figure out the same thing. Where are the consoles dedicated servers? game is still player hosted. and with that tweet i mean we surely aren't playing on dedicated servers if we need an host migration.
  17. I dont really want to be that annoying fuck, but i want an official answer on this.
  18. Still trying to get some sort of information about this. Anyway to get an official answer? I've tried all social media, every email, i'm pretty sure you guys are flooded with messages of all sort and everything and getting an answer could take time it's just that i yeah some sort of answer would be really appreciated.
  19. Just did some testing with the PC and PS4 version with friends and asking people in the game lobby to message me if anything happens when the host leave the game. On steam Quick matches are playable on dedicated servers, still one player gets the session leader arrow thingy at the left of their names and can change the map as far as i know and has a ping at the far right of the status bar. I managed to get into 2 games where i had that session leader arrow and when i leave nothing happens, the session leader arrow is simply given to another player and that's pretty much it. But on console as i was stating earlier it's another thing. I got into 3 lobbys where i was the host of the game with the arrow thingy left to my name and no ping at the far right of my status bar and at the moment i leave the lobby everyone get the same message that the host as left the game and they are all kicked to the main menu, no migration nothing. If thats the case and the games are player hosted at least give us an option to actually host quick matches (that way i know i wont get kick cause the host rage qui from dieing early) or make it so if the host leave to migrate to another player or once the host leave and it kicks every players out of the game make it so that we get to the usual end game screen and give us a portion of the XP for completing the game like 250xp instead of 500xp plus the usual xp you get for completing stuff in the game.
  20. For now i wouldn't mind the P2P servers if there was an host migration when the host leave, but it doesn't. I have to wait an average of 8 mins to get into a quick match and i don't mind the wait, the last 2 games i've just tried to play 7-8 mins in the game host gets killed and leaves, everyone is kick to the main menu and that's only the last two games had this happen too many times over the weekend.
  21. It was announced that this game would have dedicated servers for Quick Match on all 3 platforms and that private match are P2P. After watching people play on twitch, i can safely say that the PC version does actually have them dedicated servers, when they start searching for a game, in the upper right corner it does say searching for dedicated server and once in the game every single players has a ping besides their name. But when it comes down to consoles all the games i've managed to play in Quick Match up until lvl9 on PS4 were player hosted, when i start searching for a game in the top right corner i'm searching for a session (not searching for dedicated here) and once i get into a lobby there is always a player without a ping meaning hes the host. The main problem here is that if the host is killed early he quit the game and every other players are kicked back to the menu with no rewards at all. I tried to reach all their media on this question whether or not it was a bug, Sony didn't push the power button on the servers, is it intended until everything is stable or something else and no answer, strangely I've ask other questions and got answers. And from what i see from the twitter they rather answer some guy that was telling them that he could only masturbate a set amount of time while waiting on the game to work properly.
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