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  1. I thought I read at some point last fall that trophy tracking was supposed to be coming.
  2. Here's hoping to no issues with the Xbox update, I'll give it a go at some point tonight. It's 5xp in Gears 4 so that's too temping too pass up, sorry Jason...
  3. It seems like a lot of devs are using social media to announce stuff and forums are often an after thought.
  4. I really hope achievements can be earned offline, it will be disappointing if you can't...
  5. I've been slowly getting back into this game after a combination of 1) Working a lot and 2) Playing other games and this seems like the perfect time to get back into the game
  6. It seems like most games with MP are making the achievements and trophies geared towards grinding so you keep playing.
  7. If true that's awesome as I have to work a good chunk of this weekend and I'll miss out on the 2xp. Has an end time been mentioned for the 2xp as I will be off on monday?
  8. If your going to TK players based off of not using their mic then you'd be killing people in pretty much every MP game.
  9. This reminds me of how useful the emotes were in Resident Evil 6 and Revelations...and the fun that was had with them...
  10. Someone on my friends list (Xbox One) unlocked the achievement yesterday for 500 counselor matches. I think I might have 75...
  11. I love the bear hug kill, especially if you get into a lobby with talkative people. I love to joke as I'm Jason about how I just want someone to talk too and get a hug from someone. I just unlocked Jason Part 9 yesterday so I'm looking forward to the axe throwing kill.
  12. Party chat has greatly affected in game chat on the One than more will admit.
  13. I wonder if this could be a potential side effect of the last patch? My last games played before now were a few days ago.
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