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  1. Hi guys, "Night by Night" is my a tribute song to Friday the 13th Part V and the sound of 1985, of course especially to Pseudo Echo's song "His Eyes". Let's travel back to 1985 together and remember Roy Burns aka "Imposter Jason". Shock Wave 85 is meant to be a project with horror-themed songs in the sound of the mid-1980s with lots of synths and melodies. There's more to come... I hope you like it. NIGHT BY NIGHT Nightfall - now it's getting dark There's a party by the lake A loud scream tears the night apart Like a deadly twist of fate Don't move - don't turn around He's closing in - don't make a sound Night by Night He's got his eyes on you You can't hide his fatal rendezvous Night by Night He's got you in his sight It's too late - cause he is out tonight Night by Night He's got his eyes on you Time to fight because you know it's true Night by Night He's got you in his sight No escape - cause he is out tonight Tonight Close call - running for your life And you slam the cabin door Who will die and who might survive Cause he's coming back for more
  2. No connection to servers possible on PS4 in Germany/Europe right now... This was supposed to be a fun double XP evening to grind some ranks. But now - it's nothing since about an hour... I have always defended GunMedia and was a backer on Kickstarter but today I"m feeling more than just a little bit disappointed...
  3. I can also confirm this issue on PS4. Grabben a counselor and when the kill animation started, I was teleported into a cabin. This happened twice for me as Jason.
  4. 10th game finished. Crystal Lake regular --> two cars (escaped in the two-seater) So - 25% seems to be wrong...
  5. I actually find escaping via boats much easier than via cars. The only difficult point of time is repairing the propeller and filling in the gas. But - even that is easier because Jason cannot trap the pier.
  6. 9th match in a row - Higgins Haven regular: two cars. Escaped in the four seater - let's hope the host does not quit. I want my boats back...
  7. 8th match - two cars again... And another host that had quit
  8. Random maps. Played my 7th game right now, Crystal Lake (regular one) - two cars and a host that quit.
  9. Just played 6 games in a row. Always two cars. No boats, no matter which map.
  10. Would be nice to see Part 4 Jason unlock at Rank 40. This would motivate players to play in a sensible way to earn XP. I guess, otherwise games will be flooded with Part 4 Jasons only at the time of its release Roy could be at Rank 50 then
  11. Hi, After the update 1.10, almost 95% of all matches I have played, had two cars instead of a car and a boat. Before the patch, it was about 50:50 and I actually prefer using the boat. With the boat becoming a rarity, completing badges is getting more much difficult now. Are you experiencing the same?
  12. If single player should finally be released on October 13th, I guess it's quite safe to say that the majority of players would play that to earn trophies. If GunMedia/Illfonic are clever, they include unlocks for the multiplayer game in the single player part. So, even it it includes new Jason(s) / map(s), chances are good, the servers won't get fried again.
  13. Roy plus kills from Part V and 1985 style music would be my choice.
  14. Yes, tried that and it worked for me too. The German localization is terrible (wrong grammar and words), so playing it in English again is way better. By the way - I am German native and offered the guys at Gun/Illfonic to translate the game into German for free because I am a real F13 collector and fan (I would even rip Tommy's German voice dub from the recent Blu-ray/DVD release of F13 Part 6 for the full feeling) and know what I am doing considering certain phrases and words. If you need the German texts to be fixed by someone who lives in Germany and is a fan - feel free to drop me a line.
  15. - Gertz How do I switch the game language on the PS4? I have checked all options but there isn't one for languages.