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  1. I'm fine with how the game is currently. It's challenging and knowing Jason can beat you kinda easy means even more the reason to work as a team. I love it. We will be able to get the perks we need and unlock characters in due time I wish there was two seperate ranking systems though. One that is seperate for Jason. That way you could see how skilled the Jason player is. However not knowing who the player really is until the start of the game is fun as well.
  2. It's locked, maybe due to different servers in different regions or how Sony PSN is structured? Aussie PSN couldn't play with a Canadian.
  3. The post is about having an option to have random people join Private Matches not a discussion on the XP/CP they receive. For those worried about XP/CP there should be some kind of ranked/tournament style play, that another thread can be open to discuss.
  4. Post your PSN ID for Australia/New Zealand Players TeddySeijin david_tortorici moe9999633 OrrWhat1986
  5. Hi Team, It would be great if you could allow random people to join a Private Match to fill up the numbers when needed. Thanks
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