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  1. After doing some more testing I found that if I click on a person's name in the Lobby and it brings up the page to look at their profile, see their level, etc. that the game will "hang" at the loading screen about 50% of the time. Again, if I don't access the Steam Community page or click on a user's name in the lobby the game almost never hangs at the Loading screen.
  2. I have had this happen to me. Once I could not drop any items and once I could not pick up any items.
  3. I agree with a lot in here. Jason needs to be able to shift, it is the only way for him to catch counselors most of the time but I think shift grab is a big issue that takes a lot of the fun out of the game. I think that they should change the mechanic of the grab so that Jason can only grab IF the counselor is injured or limping. That way he has to hit them one or two times first THEN, when they are injured or limping, he grabs them and kills them. That would prevent shift grabs unless you are already injured or limping and force Jason to actually use a bit of tactics. I never shift grab counselors, I think it is a poor game mechanic and it is not fun for Jason or the counselors. Do counselors escape more often because of this, maybe. More often then not I still kill at least half of the counselors, sometimes I kill them all, and ever so rarely do I only kill 1 or 2 counselors but I guarantee everyone always has fun.
  4. I have found that if I use "Shift + TAB" to access the steam community my game "hangs" at the loading screen more often. If I start up the game and never use "Shift + TAB" the game will rarely "hang" at the Loading screen.
  5. Before the last update my game would "hang" maybe every once in 20 games at the Loading screen right after the lobby but before the match start screen. It now "hangs" once in every 3 games. If there is a way to enable debugging so I can capture a log of what happens and pass it on I would do so.
  6. A simple check can tell if someone dropped because of a crash or connection error. All they would need to do is program in a flag that would get set on an improper game exit or on a connection error. The flag would prevent players from being penalized if they dropped out of a game by "accident". If someone intentionally kills the game to avoid the penalty then the flag can check for multiple instances of the flag being set in a row, say three or four, then they will be penalized as well. If the game is actually crashing that often then you should probably take a break anyways.
  7. I know it has been mentioned in here, and I liked the idea about there being a matchmaker penalty if you leave a game "early". The definition of early being once the cutscene has started and until you either die or escape and you can view the cameras, counselors, etc. I believe that there should be a 20 minute (length of one full game) penalty where you cannot join another game for 20 minutes if you leave a game early. I totally understand that if someone dies, especially if they die 2 minutes into the game, that they do not want to sit and watch for who knows how long until the end of the game, that is fine. However, I have been in so many games lately that are no fun because one of two things happens: 1. The cutscene plays and as soon as someone sees their Jason is not in the cutscene they leave the match or once the game starts they see they are not Jason they leave the match. So many times this happens and you are left with a game where there are 3 or 4 counselors. Not only does this make the game no fun for the counselors but it is no fun for Jason either. 2. The person rage quits because Jason is going to kill them OR Jason rage quits because someone gets away from him. The latter is a pain because then the game is over and everyone's fun is cut short. On the first item, I have seen where people rage quit when Jason is going to kill them then they come back as Tommy but since they have disconnected Tommy just sits at his spawn point doing nothing. (I think this is a bug by the way. I know it has been mentioned but I think there should be some kind of check put in place to ensure an active player becomes Tommy.)
  8. I see your point and I agree that there maybe a legitimate reason for it. Perhaps an exponential penalty then. If you kill a counselor on purpose you get a lower penalty. If you kill a second counselor the negative XP doubles. If you kill another counselor then negative XP doubles that, i.e, first counselor kill = -100, second = -200, third = -400, or something along those lines. In a normal game situation I could see having no negative XP for killing a counselor so you could steal car keys, a gun, or just stop them from getting you killed. The issue is that every time I have tried to play the game during the day half the games are one or two counselors running around killing all the other counselors just to troll. I pretty much refuse to play earlier than 10PM because it is nothing but trolls on until then. I have built up a few friends that I can play good games with but even then unless you have enough people for a private match you still end up with trolls joining the game.
  9. Agree. The shift ability is way too powerful. I understand that Jason should be powerful but the shift ability is really too much. There should either be a longer recharge timer or the ability should be changed like said, you can't use it when a counselor can see Jason.
  10. I like the idea of having a counselor that kills another counselor show up as red. They should show up as red on Jason's HUD AND on his map so he can easily find him and kill him. I think there should be a XP penalty for killing another counselor as well. either -500 or -1000 XP for every counselor that you kill. If you make it any less of a hit then people won't care and will continue to do it.
  11. If you get a perk and attach it to a counselor then sell the perk, the perk stays attached and usable by that counselor even though it is no longer in your inventory.
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