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  1. Bug: escaping in the car results in a suicide. I was host and driving a two seat car on Crystal Lake if that matters.
  2. Back in the team killing days, I was in the passenger seat of the two seater. Some guy off roads it over to his friend, who is Tommy. Tommy aims the gun at me and gestures with it for me to get out of the car. I refuse, and they move away a bit when they realize I’m not budging. So I jump out, get in the driver’s seat, and drive the car into the water. I escape with the cops and they die via Jason.
  3. I’m willing to bet weapon damage boost affects doors now.
  4. *sees sexiest counselor poll* *sees poster is named I heart A.J.* *smiles and nods*
  5. I had someone running and opening all the doors I'd barricaded while Jason was there. Jason eventually got me and ran off with his friend, but I came back as Tommy Jarvis and ran over his friend with the car. Was a good time.
  6. That's probably what I'm gonna have to do! Seems to be the way to go.
  7. My_Destiny1234 on PS4 just now was running around with Jason and opening doors in cabins to let Jason in to kill other players. I was the first victim; thankfully I spawned in as Tommy Jarvis quickly after and ran over him in the car. Got killed right after but it was worth it.
  8. I didn't actually see the ton of other posts in another section of the forum on this issue, this can be locked now. Apologies!
  9. I just played four matches in a row where I was shown experience I'd earned at the end of the match but my level did not increase and I only received minimal CP. Is this a glitch others are having? Anybody have any solutions?
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