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  1. Well whoop-dee-doo. Games doesn't crash anymore! It may as well, since if it the perk roller locks up it'll eventually "forget" your profile entirely, making you close the game anyways! Good fix! "Ample time to keep up"? Is the backend being stored on an Apple II? Smartphones can keep up with much more complicated synchronizations and this can't even handle a small data packet of "give/see perk with X bonus and Y flaw"? That's either really bad hardware or a really bad network engineer. Actually, probably both.
  2. Is a fix finally going to be made for the infinite "Saving Profile" bug when attempting to roll/assign perks? I recently decided to give the game some time a couple days ago and immediately re-uninstalled it because of this bug alone.
  3. I'm assuming you mean they're using outside VOIPs because Jason cannot hear the chatter of dead players. The only time he can hear anyone is when they're in close proximity and alive.
  4. Whether the player is left handed or a ESDF player (like me), this is a real hinderance.
  5. Make sure you have it in slot and using the counselor equipped with it.
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