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  1. I haven't signed into this forum in such time that I forgot my password on here. So I'm now here to complain after my first post when the game was brand new. When they fixed the first issues that the game had, I was content with the game. I loved it to the point where I've reached level 150. Now the gameplay has become horrible, especially playing as Jason. I hate his new "T-Rex" grab while feeling like walking in cement boots. It's now frustrating to play as this new "updated" slow-paced Jason! In the previous match that I just had, the counselors ran circles around me and continuously counter-hit me with bats after attempting to grab them with Jason's updated T-Rex reach. The game frustrated me to the point where I no longer want to consistently play this game like I used to. I also noticed that lobbys become empty now after just 1 match, people are leaving the game! This whole thing reminds me of the saying, "if it's not broke, don't fix it". Well, they tried to "fix" the game and broke it even more in my opinion. I loved this game, it was my number one favorite game, but it has fell from that rank unfortunately. I no longer want to play this game like I used to and will most likely revert to playing other games. I really hope this game gets fixed, if not then all I can say to the developers is Thanks for the memories.. This game was definitely one of my favorite games of all time before the recent update. The developers / programmers really fumbled the ball with the update. I sincerely wish them the best on their next update, but my friday the 13th game will now start to collect dust until then.
  2. This game's been the worst online experience ever for me. "Searching for sessions", but nothing happens most of the time, besides draining the controller's batteries. Sometimes it opens a lobby, but nobody joins. Or "Error! Could not re-establish database connection! Verify internet connectivity." First game to keep booting me to the Xbox home screen also, while trying to "search for sessions". I've been able to play 4 games in three days though, but that's it. I'll be optimistic on them fixing all this, but if I knew the game had these issues, I wouldn't have bought this game as soon as I did.
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