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  1. everytime i play im the last man standing and people always tell jason where im at cause im smarter then the jason,well every jason for that matter ( not being cocky) my reward for surviving every game or being the last man standing is everyone tells jason where im at which is uncool so to fix this when people are dead they should not be able to follow all the players instead make it where you just see anything else but not other players to tell on them and ruin the game for me or anyone else. the guy that plays jason has the advantage and if he was any good..... which i havent found one yet that can beat me and im just a stupid counselor then why does he want more of a advantage to find me cause people tell? other then that its fun right up until the point everyone tells on me for being better then them at the game.... its a simple fix and would make it funner..... anyone agree????? if not then you just suck at the game and as jason you need all the advantages to win and you like not having to work for that last kill which will be me and you wont get me until people tell guaranteed!!!!! once again not being cocky but jason cant kill me without people telling and it sucks my reward for being good is narcs
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