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  1. Apparently you missed the part that he's a Delirious Fan, there was a video of H20 doing the glitch with his friends. Hmph. Also this topic is over.
  2. There was a rare bug where Jason grabs a councillor in a weird position or animation (stun or car grab). The councillor is stuck to Jason's grabbing hand.
  3. He's a PC player, he hasn't touched a console for a long time. The dude still has a N64. Probably isn't aware of the Guest Mode.
  4. I understand that I responsible for my account when I was away, didn't expect him to play the game with my account (Usually plays Rainbow Six Instead). Regardless that I dumped hours into this game I will 'probably' lose my account. If I do get banned I will still support the game's progress and the devs efforts. A.J. Mason for life.
  5. Hey I was just wondering, what if each councillor had a passive to go along with perks? Jenny: Gain 3 speed when last one alive. Adam: Car crashes against Jason knocks him down. Deborah: First repair screw up doesn't make noise. A.J. Mason: Slightly blend in dark areas when crouched. Etc: What do you think?
  6. Now I'm officially confused on what's going on, yet again it's 2:34 am.
  7. This is the first exploit/glitch intentionally done on my account. However the rule guide does not seem to be fully clear on how the punishes go out. I'm guessing it's a one time and your out thing, making me paranoid. Making me real paranoid now, this is making me feel worse than before.
  8. When I was away grabbing some food and drinks (went out to buy stuff) I told my friend to stay, so he decided to play Friday the 13th on my account (Xbox One). He joins a game and near the end of the match he did the Packanack roof glitch (Huge H20Delirious fan). Then he gets into a huge argument with another player (Msg) When I come back hes in the washroom and I check up my account to see if any of my online friends are playing. Then I see the argument messaging and checked on it, realizing what it said, now im afraid to lose my account cause of him. I've been a player ever since the game came out. (He told me what happened after I discovered the messages) Should I be worried for my account? Im looking forward for an answer with any possible Admin.
  9. I was wondering for quite a while on how stealth effects indoor stealth. When I first play Jason I went around Cabins and one of them lit up red with sense. I went inside to check who was in there but I see nobody. Then A.J. Mason stupidly says "DON'T FIND ME" really loud, was already too late and I caught her. I really hope they make them whisper instead of blatantly being loud. Second thought is, does stealth effect the Cabin lighting up? I mean I personally don't feel a difference. I mean if Cabins require your sense to come closer because there's a high stealth character then that brings stealth a new level. Maybe because stealth is maxed Jason has to come inside with sense to order to realize somebodies here. But if there's a very unstealthy Councillor with them the stealth is ruined.
  10. My Idea! The executions should have a charge meter, max charge he can kill them. Ways to slow down the charge speed, being caught indoors 20% slower charge and having other people near you. (1 person slows the speed by 10%, 1 additional person nearby slows it down by 5% each)
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