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  1. Jason is meant to be a juggernaut, though. Jason shouldn't be afraid of counsellors. When Jason shows up your first reaction should never be 'batter up, ugly!', it should be 'Oh shit! Run!' Working as a team has tons of merit. You can fix things faster, have more shotguns and flare guns, and ultimately you're ensuring that some other poor bastard gets killed instead of you.:) I suppose I don't see the issue. When I play as Jason I like to cycle through the different kills, instead of going for the cheap dirty ones.:)
  2. Until there's a delay, and they start grouping in 3-4 people. You grab, and they knock the victim free. Then the incentive to grab at all disappears, and Jason just goes slash happy, making pocket knives useless. I think it's a fine line that's tread right now.
  3. There are communities on PS4, but it slows the process down by quite a bit to post ads. And then wait.
  4. And that's why I'm adding people I like playing with to my friends list. Taking away spectating would make the in between matches suck pretty hard.
  5. Pocket knives stop the grab kill pretty easy. At the end of the day he caught you. I don't think you should always have the chance to break the grab. Everyone is going to have a different play style as Jason. Whether they slash at you or grab you. I don't think there's a need for a change from the current mechanics. Being killed is part of the fun.
  6. I agree with adding randoms. That would help fill the couple you might otherwise need.
  7. I like spectating. It's part of the fun. I don't think they should remove it. If there's a problem with people being dicks, then they should try to address people starting parties outside of the game. Personally, I'm not going to stay in games where people don't have mics. That smacks of parties, if they all join at once.
  8. The current implementation is thematic and difficult. A male character already takes part in his demise. I don't see any reason to change it.
  9. I'm looking for a full lobby with mics!:) Add Bloodwrought
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