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  1. Backers if they can't remove the skin what do you want Gun to do ?
  2. I just want everybody to be happy. I really like this game but it is getting so much bad media that no matter how much I tell my friends I like this game they won't try it out
  3. I don't think they can remove the skins. I would be fine for them to open it up for everybody to buy and use that money to pay for them to make the backers a new skin. Bottom line the backers won't be happy unless they have a cool skin that only they have access to. By the way I'm not a backer
  4. I think at this point gun media should give everyone the Savini Jason for free for all the issue. refund the players that bought it on PlayStation network. Make a new skin only for backers I think this way everybody would be happy backers get a exclusive skin that only they have access to and everyone get a free skin for all the issue.
  5. I am on playstation 4 in the usa I get the Database Login Failure on my main account but can get connect on my sub tell a disconnect on that sub then It too get the Database Login Failure but if I delete that sub then I can connect again tell disconnect so I think that when you get a disconnect is mess up something on that account and the only way to fix it is to delete the account and add it back I think this will work on the main account too but have not tried it as have a lot to lose as far as game saves and having to reinstall all my games. I have tried delete the game and game files did not work. tried restoring licenses did not work only delete the account that can't connect and add it back works. I wish I could figure out what it is that is causing the database in what seems like blocking our account after a disconnect