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  1. Has this been fixed? I just played a match as Jason and there were three players doing this glitch. It was annoying but I focused primarily on killing them. Jason with the spear can actually hit them through the wall, so I ended up grabbing one that tried to melee me, and killing the rest through the wall. I wasn't about to let them win via exploit and if other counselors (who were playing legitimately) won while I was dealing with them, that was fine with me.
  2. I (female) was playing Jason when the first person I found was a female counselor played by a guy. He begged for his life of course, I said sure, you can be my girlfriend but you have to share in my hobbies of mass slaughter so we can bond. So I'm going around killing other campers, they tag along, I'm telling them that at some point I need to introduce them to my mother. Then they start to get naggy, telling me what to do, how to kill people! I mean gosh, who likes dating back seat murderers?! Starts grating at me, I say, hey I gotta go check the phone... Teleport away as she's nagging about me ignoring them. Kill a few campers, and she's there.. watching me on the dock like some creeper. Go off and hunt down some more campers and she's somehow tracked me down, running around as I'm trying to grab a Chad and end up grabbing her instead. "Good, I'm tired. Carry me." She says. I see a prompt on the tree, curious, I press x and end up stabbing her skull through an imbedded knife. Woops! "I'm sorry just doesn't cut it." He tells me later in the lobby. XD I mean even Jason has to deal with the crazies. o_o
  3. I honestly feel it's a Sony issue. Neither Xbox or PC have this issue and can join games in different regions with no problem. I hope they fix this soon.
  4. It's a PS4 issue only apparently. Xbox and PC don't have it. :/ I got some of my US friends to get it and I can't even play with them lol
  5. I logged in this morning and sure enough I was reset to level 0 with no perks equipped on Deborah who I use and was now showing as locked. I deleted the game and redownloaded it, not sure if that would help but when it was still showing as level 0, I decided to just wait for a few days, but I was curious at all the badges available and read them all for both Counselors and Jason, when I backed out I saw my level was back to 16 again and my perks were equipped on Deborah again. Anyone willing to help with the level 0 thing do the badges examination and see if that helps? I should probably mention this was on ps4 Edit: Saved a video and tried to replicate what I did short of deleting and reinstalling, didn't work! Though, it's reassuring to know that our levels are in there safe and will come back. Edit: I just played a game, backed out and then went over my badges again, highlighting every single one of them and when I went back to main screen I was level 17. Side note, that game I was playing as 0 and still accumulated XP to level to 17. So it's definitely keeping track of level and XP gain guys!
  6. Hey! I don't know if this helps but I logged in today and sure enough my character level was reset to 0 and I had no perks on Deborah who I use all the time now. I was so disappointed... I ended up going into the badges section and just went through all the badges to read them and when I backed out I was level 16 again with all my perks equipped. Does his work for anyone else???
  7. One of my matches I got so lucky and found three pocket knives and picked up one flare off a person Jason was already in execute mode on, immediately used it on him as he came out of it, and then promptly ran away into another cabin where I found another one. As I was running and out of stamina I shot him right in the face and ended up using my knives. He could not believe how many things I got to fight him off, we were both laughing through it. Ended up dying, but I died laughing. Got it all on live stream lol Another match, as the sole survivor I managed to stay alive for 4 minutes running around, using bear traps, flare guns and pocket knives. Briefly contemplated hiding under the bed and then decided that wasn't how I wanted to die lol Lol, I play Deborah Kim all the time! She's my favourite character so far and I think my reply to you if you said that to me is "You have a face only a mother could love, and I ain't your mother." You have to be "unready" in a lobby, highlight your name and press right on the d-pad to select the counselor or Jason. That's on the PS4 anyway, maybe the same for Xbox?
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