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  1. Yeah the game devs probably added them today because I found two earlier today. (2 but only tape no.1 in my inventory... I guess I found the same tape twice)
  2. What do they look like ? Big ol'VHS tapes ?
  3. Fun game now that it's actually working. add me: Chainzs I'm on at random hours almost everyday..
  4. lol I pre-ordered the game from kickstarter the first week it was available.
  5. Had fun figuring out the controls the 2 games that I played before getting kicked out.. but now I can't login anymore, "Database Failure" as soon as the game devs get it fixed, I'll be back on
  6. I got to play 2 games and bam! Can't login no more.. if at least there was something to do offline
  7. PSN. Chainzs Sent friend requests to everyone that posted their names prior to this post. add me if you want to party up. :o)
  8. Just downloaded & installed the game and I've been searching to join a game without success.. Feel free to add me if you want to try the Private Match option, maybe that will work.
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