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  1. I've experienced these jasons only using their primary attack multiple times. You were the jerk to begin with when you mimicked me, so dont lie there. I'm sick of you spreading a lie on how I lied about him spamming. You dont even make sense. What exactly am i lying about when i say jason spams his primary attack until you are dead? Are you saying that i'm using the definition of spam wrong? I really dont want to keep arguing with you. I really dont. But I will if i have to to defend myself against your lies on how i lied. I wish this would end. I am not admitting anything because I did nothing wrong. I gave my opinion on how I think jason "spams" when he completely kills you with only his primary attack. I asked for maybe a change such as a delay and you just have the biggest problem. Im going to bed now. I wont reply this time. I promise.
  2. I just come to check if maybe you would be the bigger man and just stop arguing on this thread. I did not prove your case no matter how much you think I did. I made this thread to see if maybe the devs would see it or if anyone was experiencing the same thing as me. According to you, no one has experienced this and you call me a lier for it. If a staff is looking, please lock this thread. If you were going to state your opinion, you didnt have to be a jerk about it.
  3. In my opinion, it is spam. 4 hits one after another is annoying and almost elminates the use of the pocket knife. Your right, I don't like that nearly the majority of the matches I play jason will do this. That is why I am suggesting for a change. I'm done arguing with you on this, I wasted an hour just arguing over a suggestion. I'm not going to reply about this anymore. It's 2:00 am for me. I wished I just stopped this sooner.
  4. What "lie"? I am not lying about anything. Please respond to this by telling me what I am lying about.
  5. So what your saying is that they should buff counselors insteading of nerfing jason?
  6. "There should be no change." That is your opinion, now stop trying to switch mine. Talk about controlling someone.
  7. That is why I said a small delay to his primary attack would do the job. I mean, why shift grab knowing the counselor could possibly have a pocket knife then just using the primary attack until they die. When did I say I don't want jason to shift grab? What is your definition of spam? I'm done arguing with you, maybe if you could have been a bit nicer and didn't mimic me crying, I would have respected your opinion and moved on with my life. Instead you just decide to be a jerk. I personally think when a jason swings 4 primary attacks on all 7 counselors, that it spam. Clearly you do not think that. So move on with your life. Your opinion has been stated.
  8. How could someone make a suggestion off of lies? I have played this game enough to the point where I feel ready to say that I think that R2 spamming should be nerfed. You for whatever reason decide to say I'm crying about it. You started this. I am still waiting for you to tell me who I am controlling unless you are lying yourself.
  9. I believe they said that the next patch for PS4 will make codes available.
  10. But I personally think that if I were to block jason's grab, I would expect to get a bit ahead instead of jason just recovering for a few frames because I would instantly die if I were grabbed.
  11. It is a SUGGESTION. When are you going to open your eyes? I understand that you don't agree with my suggestion, but your reply to what I said is just straight annoying. I'm not controlling anybody. Please show me who I am "controlling". Go ahead, I'm not hiding anything.
  12. I'm complaining about them SPAMMING it against counselors, not just them swinging once or twice. They do it until the counselor is dead. So about 4 hits, and they are doing it clearly on purpose so they don't have to worry about a pocket knife. Please, actually read the thread. Maybe when you are blocking and jason grabs, he grabs your weapon and breaks it, giving you time to run away.
  13. Dishonest about what? I am not hiding anything. Still waiting for your reason of replying that. If you didn't reply that, none of this would have started.
  14. You had no reason to reply to me as "All I hear is wah". That's useless. I'm looking for opinions, which you provided, but then decide to be immature and comment that. Please tell me the reason for saying that.
  15. Please, look at your own post. You had no opinion. here's a direct quote from your first post on this thread "All I hear is Waaah, That's all, nothing else." Where is the opinion in that? Tell me, I can't find it.
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