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  1. We aren't aloud to say bad words? On a rated M game forum? This doesn't add up, man. Heeeelll yeah I am! Why the hell would you buy a game to exploit it, like.. what? Just play the god-"darn" game fairly. This is pointless.
  2. Same thing happens to me, it screws us over. The one reason why I made this post is because of how I can't hear Jason when he comes by, and that's something to know in game.
  3. damn, I actually just ask others if it's quiet and people are dicks, not surprised. Jelly because my name Jeff, otherwise-- For people who actually stated back, thank ya'. I honestly thought it was just me, not having an issue until soooon.
  4. Can I get a few friends with me? Just 2, so 3 people in total. PSN: Freddy_Fazbear, Zilla_20_14, XX-EQUIS!
  5. Every match I get into is just glitching, is this ever going to be fixed or anything? I hate to be negative since most post are, but every match I get into is just glitching cunts. Private match isn't an option, because you expect me to have friends? Lol.
  6. Sucks, I play with friends and I can't really help them anymore. Hitting them isn't the option anymore! Thanks for the replies, so far.
  7. Hi there, I've been playing the game since release, and honestly-- I can't figure out how the hit-boxes work. Or whenever you hit Jason, or shoot him. Can you shoot Jason while he's in an animation? (Picking up the player, opening door,) Not killing the player though, that I know is a run. I've tried a few times to shoot Jason, and oddly enough-- Things don't work out. Not sure if it's a bug, or just a mechanic to the game itself. Kinda weird, but confused on this.
  8. So, I've been in a few matches of random people who've been eager to kill their teammates. Though, we can't do much about it other than leaving the game, and perhaps finding another game. But, do we really want to sit and wait for 10 minutes to find a match? Have the developers figured something out? Or even thought about this being an issue?
  9. Hi there, weirdly, this happened after a few matches have played through. Each match I played, it kept getting darker. Until, this just happened. It happens a lot for me, honestly. Every 2 hours or so, It happens. Don't know why, guessing the fear thing may have to do something with it. Thanks!
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