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  1. We have been talking about this problem already in previous posts. Actually the best way to avoid this is not to let jason be a guy who is in a party with someone else, in my opinion. Not to mention that on PS4 there are also random players who get bored to wait and send messages to the killer to spot the other counselors.
  2. After the boat's engine starts you have to look to the middle seat and then you will see the icon to get in !
  3. That's a good idea indeed, but we can't keep adding people we trust to play fair matches; Considering that they are fixing the servers problem, you won't take too much time to find a game. So once players die they can quit and join another game.
  4. There is no way they can avoid people starting chats outside of the game. Players can still group up on discord with their smartphones and talk there.
  5. You know you can never trust strangers, especially on consoles where there are some demographic differences than PC players. And i can tell you that there are a lot of people doing it. We had both set the preference on " Counselor " as we thought it would have avoided the problem, but it is still happening. So i guess that option is not even working.
  6. I posted the same issue about 12 hours ago. This is totally UNFAIR and way too easy to cheat. They must fix it otherwise the game has no sense. - The Killer must be a person who is not in a party with other people. - Remove the spectating mode on other counselors after you die or just let the dead players look through camp's cams (So either they wait for the match to end and look at their dead body or they just quit and find another match; since they are fixing the matchmaking speed that should not be a problem). - Create a host migration system, because there are too many players who are hosts and quit after they get killed and the match ends. It even happened to me and my bro while we were playing on different screens with two different PS4 and even if we specified the preference to be counselors in the settings : he was the killer and me the counselor, and if i wanted i could have showed him the whole map and let him kill and troll anyone. We decided to quit because play that match wouldn't have made sense.
  7. Hey guys, i am writing my feedback here because i've been playing the game since yesterday on PS4 and i don't find funny the way too many people cheat with killers. It happens that some people create parties and one of the members is the killer. By doing so either they let their friends escape and kill others, or they just suggest to the killer where other counselors are located. It even happened to me and my brother; we were playing with two PS4 one next to the other and on different screens; he was the killer and me the counselor. We quit becaused it had no sense to play the game as if we wanted i could show him the map on my screen and he could kill all the other players and let me escape. Please let the killer be a player who is not grouping with other people. Ofcourse it might also happen on PC, but i guess it more unlikely to happen than on PS4.
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