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  1. you guys stop whining.... at least you can play... I don;t even know what the lobby layout looks like... I haven't been able to get in from day one..
  2. I have purchased this game 2 days ago and I continue to get a database login failure x100... I'm off this holiday weekend all week looking forward to playing it... what frustrates me more is that other people are able to play but I cant on my account... I have yet to be in or connect to a lobby... I just want a refund and my money back to spend on another game that will give me access to the content this is BS.. I have never in the 30 years of my gaming experience seen a release this horrible..
  3. Hey I purchased the digital version of FT13th on ps4 via PS Store and I get the database login failure screen.. after some investigation i read where you guys said its a server overload... this can't be true because i have 3 ps4's and my daughter can access the game 100% of the time we are on the same LAN and I have been trying on my account since yesterday and I have yet to get paste the error screen... I feel like my account is blocked or locked up somewhere or something I've spent $80 bucks for 2 license and I cant enjoy the game with my daughter and I'm overly frustrated.. my PSN ID is illustrious2007.. can you please reset or idk find out what the issue is or give me a refund? thanks! "Yes I believe its account related!!!"
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