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  1. Right, and I did that, but now when I try to log in its asking to log into PSN since the new user doesn't have one. Suggestions on that?
  2. How do you get that to work if the other users don't have PSN and you can't use your main PSN? I'm confused how that works.
  3. I've tried that and it didn't work. Also trying different accounts and it doesn't seem to be working
  4. When I try a different user it asks to log into PSN. I only have one PSN so I can't log in with a different account anyway...so I'm at a loss.
  5. Thank you, I set my primary officially as the primary. But now as I log in as a guest it will not let me use the primary PSN on the guest account...so I'm again at a loss unless using my PSN on the guest account works. Not sure why it would but I'm gonna try it.
  6. I believe I have it activated as primary on the system. Gotta figure out how to find out. When I log in AS guest and another user the game shows a padlock image on the game tile.
  7. So I have read that some people have got in using guest accounts, etc. I've tried this on PS4 but because I claimed the code with my account, all other accounts seem to be locked out. So I can't use that to get in. I've restarted my system and have done a shutdown as well and still no dice. Any ideas? Has anyone got past this issue any other way?
  8. OHHHHHHH, I am making a fuss of nothing. Wow...I am so sorry to waste your time. I reside in Eugene, OR. I misread, I thought it was $6 for shipping period. Thank you!
  9. Kickstarter did not seem to automatically take the $6 shipping for that tier. I was charged the $129 when i should have been charged $135. That is my fault. The tier did include physical shipment but I forgot to add it. Will there be an opportunity for me to send the shipping? Thank you again for being very prompt!
  10. I am still fairly new to kickstarter and when I backed this project I backed for the $129, but I forgot to add in the $6 for shipping. Does anyone know a way I can get that added, send extra to the company, something? Im hoping not to be knocked down to the reward below it because I forgot to add $6 shipping. If I bought something in the upcoming slasher backer and added two shippings would that work? ideas? Thanks in advance!
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