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  1. Quinn FTW

    Back in the saddle

    Makes sense. And makes the price tag seem a little less insane.
  2. Quinn FTW

    Back in the saddle

    Yeah, I'm reading up on the thread about this. This is... for lack of a better word, kind of nuts. I don't understand who thought this was a good idea. EDIT - OK, so there's apparently a replica mask included now? Is that where the extra cost came from? The poster and a plastic mask. Still not worth it, IMO, so caveat emptor, I guess.
  3. Quinn FTW

    Back in the saddle

    What in the actual fuck? I mean, first of all, no offense, but who would possibly pay $70 for this game at this point? Secondly, what in the actual fuck? Do they not sense a product rating disaster looming?
  4. Quinn FTW

    Back in the saddle

    OOOH, you're gonna get deleted. Again.
  5. Quinn FTW

    Back in the saddle

    I'm out of likes, so here's a virtual bro fist.
  6. Quinn FTW

    Back in the saddle

    It's hardly consoling to know that it is so widespread. For what it's worth, though, I'm sorry you've had it happen to you. Unfortunately, it's the new reality, it seems.
  7. More like an epidemic. There have been over a dozen posts deleted from this thread alone. The author of the article mentions the frustration (like the "SOON (tm)" running gag), but glosses over the adversarialism that has been escalating recently.
  8. Posting again. Interesting article. Too bad it glosses over the adversarial relationships between the mods and the community. The arbitrary and capricious deleting of posts. The increase in bans. And even the name-calling exhibited towards certain members. There. It's still on topic.
  9. Quinn FTW

    Back in the saddle

    I was with you about not attacking people and going all "scorched earth." Until they started deleting my posts. I've lost what little respect I had left for them. I'm not interested in their arbitrary and capricious application of forum rules. I suppose this only ends one way now. Hell, they're just rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic at this point anyway.
  10. Your Honor, I rest my case. Are y'all done yet?
  11. Well, I guess, hooray? It's certainly better than nothing. If you need/want the XP and/or tapes, that is. It's certainly not *bad* news. It's not like they're pulling the plug on the servers this weekend. So that's good. Right? That's something. That's anything.
  12. Quinn FTW

    Increase in crashes

    I verified my files with Steam, and will keep monitoring. If you experience crashes, particularly during or after grab kill animations, I would be interested in knowing. I'm trying to determine if I've just had a rash of bad luck, or if there's a particular map, kill, Jason, and/or counselor combo. Thanks, everyone.
  13. Has anyone noticed an increase in crashes since the patch last week. I play on PC, and the game has crashed to desktop at least once per play session every day that I've played it. I don't know if it's a kill animation issue that causes the "Fatal Error" - it seems to occur right after a kill (though not always the same kill). Is anyone else experiencing this? I'd like to know before I bother putting in a bug report.
  14. January. Not June. For 6 months they hid it. From backers. From consumers. Wouldn't it be reasonable, given the deception, to offer a refund to anyone who bought the game between January and June (when they finally disclosed the content issue)?