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  1. If you're not on "vacation" again...
  2. Yeah. Screw that guy. And his army of acolytes. This is why we can't have nice things.
  3. I am only still playing this game because I've found a group of people to play with, and we try to have fun with it. Quick Play has been (and still is) a cesspit of match quitters, trolls, exploiters, and griefers. Offline Bots are amusing (they've done some funny things), but are about as challenging as fighting a wet paper bag. If it weren't for the community of dedicated players, I wouldn't be playing this buggy, half-assed game anymore. I had high hopes. But it has been a continual string of disappointment since launch. I agree with the notion that 60+ without a patch is inexcusable, but when you combine that with the fact that they seem to have so much trouble rolling out patches (ie, getting approval across the various platforms), I can understand why they try to "save up" fixes. I do like the look and feel of this game. Well, I liked the look and feel of this game. I feel it has taken on too much campiness, particularly with the costumes and emotes, but Devs gotta eat, so I could live with that. But it seems like more and more of the game is breaking. I won't waste time with a bulleted list; I'm sure the development team has already gotten more than one earful about every problem that exists. Bottom line: I'm not really angry, just disappointed. I've played enough of this game to say I got my money's worth. And there are times when this game has given me the singular joy that you can only get from an awesome session of gaming. But, overall, playing this game feels like a chore, and I wouldn't do it without the community of dedicated players.
  4. I've played two offline matches, and in both, he just spawns in and never moves. It's almost like I'm playing a real QP match.
  5. Cool. Can't wait to try the new stuff out next week.
  6. Too many pocket knives

    Nothing's wrong with them. They apparently just want you to stop being an obnoxious dick. Is that such an unreasonable request?
  7. Patch Notes 12.12.2017

    I didn't like the AOE of Jason's grab range before, but I sure as heckfire don't like where it is now. Does it have to be so feast or famine? Obviously, not knowing how this is coded, I can't just say something like, "can't they just edit the range and arc" - that would assume easy to manipulate, catch-all variables. I'm sure it's more complicated than that. Still, there's a Goldilocks-like argument to be made here. Most thought the original range was too much. Likewise, they think the current range is too little. Maybe there's happy medium that's just right. Or, maybe everyone's going to complain no matter what. Who knows?
  8. Nah. That's just punishing players for pulling them away from their playtime.
  9. DAE think that the developers may be spending more time playing the game during "office hours" than they do trying to fix it for the rest of us?
  10. Says the guy who led off with a "git gud" It's not really a debate anyway. Being a selfish jackass is a legitimate strategy in this game. It works. Just like waiting for other people to fix the car, then stealing it. Or leading Jason to other counselors in return for being allowed to escape. Chads gonna Chad. Edit: Oops. Double posted. Busted.