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  1. Zero. They almost got me once. I kept kiting and shifting until I peeled Tommy just a bit too far from everyone else. They wanted ti too badly, and paid the price.
  2. I had this. 0/8 kills. All suicides. Packanack Small, back before half the counselors would just go into hiding the entire match
  3. Yeah, but we've been told a lot of things that ended up not being true, so I'm not exactly holding my breath at this point.
  4. I will never have all the achievements. I've only played three or four online matches since the middle of last year. If it weren't for Offline Bots, I wouldn't even still have the game installed. Congrats, though, on your achievement. Way to stick with it.
  5. I find that replying, "git gud, scrub," will either shut them up, or cause them to completely rage out. Either way, Counter Troll Accomplished.
  6. With Tommy dead, why did you let them drive away? Sure, some of them may have escaped, but I would have at least tried to make one or two of them pay the price for their insolence.
  7. Yes, sometimes Bots freeze near doors sometimes. Also, Bots go into a hiding spot and never come out. And they can have anywhere from 2 to 12 pocket knives, 1 to 4 shotguns, and about 10,000,000 firecrackers per match. But, look on the bright side. Bots cannot drive worth a damn. Unless your morph and shift are both recharging. Then they are Indy 500 Champs. Bots don't complete objectives. Except every once in a while, when they've got the phone call and a car running before your first morph recharge. Plus, Tommy DGAF Jarvis will straight up murder the other bots for you, so there's that. And Bots are just as likely to commit suicide as stick around and play out the match. So, yeah, it's basically just like a Quick Play lobby without all the dancing and racist voice chat.
  8. Perhaps a change to the player interface, where they can see their perks (maybe in the upper left corner or something, or maybe move the inventory up and put the perks below it) would mitigate some of the confusion. I can't say with certainty that all the perks transfer (at least in a working state) to Jarvis. But (and not to be a troll here), there are plenty that didn't seem to work on other counselors either, so maybe it's an issue with the perks themselves, and not just Jarvis. Assuming, of course, there is a problem, and not just the perception of a problem. Still, I agree with whoever said Vanessa needs buffs. That guy is on to something. (PS - This last part is sarcasm; don't @ me about it.)
  9. Vanessa is too easy to kill. Sure, she's fast, and she's got stamina, but she can't get out of grab very easily. She should be better at escaping grab. And she should come with her own pocket knife, like Tommy DGAF Jarvis. And she should have her own melee weapon that never breaks and always stuns, even in Rage. And she should know where Jason's cabin is on the map.
  10. I got it to happen finally. Higgins Small. I threw a knife at the blue car while Tiffany was trying to get in the back seat and it flipped it over on the covered bridge. I almost got it to happen on Crystal Lake Small. The car didn't flip, but it spun about 60 degrees. I couldn't get it to move any more after that, so I just killed everyone and called it a day. It's an interesting glitch. Thanks for letting me know about it.
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