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  1. Fantastic. 11/10. It's good to see that this game continues to invent new ways to just be completely bonkers.
  2. An energy drink, some wet wipes, and a hand grenade. When I can find them. Not too many grenades lying around in Camp Crystal Lake these days...
  3. I don't know if any of you have noticed this, or if it's just my own game play experience, but Tommy Jarvis (in Offline Bot play) is now basically a total dick. (And a coward.) He'll murder other counselors. He'll steal cars and try to escape alone. He'll run away from a group, leaving everyone else to die. And half the time, I'll end up killing him in a hiding spot. Could Tommy's middle name possibly be "Chad"?
  4. I try, but with the increasing frequency of Fatal Error crashes, I can't even get a half hour of playtime anymore. There are lots of other games that I can play for a half hour without crashes, and with the nothing burger / vaporware "fixes" I cannot imagine keeping it on my game rotation much longer. Best of luck, tho.
  5. The party fix is crucial. People I know aren't even playing anymore because of this. Dedicated servers has been a "big ticket" want since launch. I don't even play on consoles, but even I know how much people are still dying for this. Local Saves will be a boon, especially if this game is going to endure the inevitable server shutdowns. Join as Spectator - I am not as familiar with this. Does this mean join a game in progress as a spectator if the lobby has space? Or that you can watch a match in progress without joining the party/lobby?
  6. I'm just glad to see you're still around. Rumors of staff reduction and/or people abandoning ship have been making the rounds.
  7. Radio silence is the default setting. Especially around here. Communication has been a spotty, slipshod affair since before the game even launched. If it hasn't really changed since then, I seriously doubt it's going to change now or moving forward. (However much "forward" might be left. ) Still, good luck with that. I hope you find the answers you're looking for.
  8. Maybe they'll change their name. Maybe they'll just get absorbed into a larger company. Maybe it won't matter. After all, people apparently really hate EA, yet they still continue buying their crappy games left and right.
  9. Not at all. There were a considerable number of people on this forum who were of the opinion that the whole "bug fixes" line was just another in a long line of empty promises made by the shills devs. Besides, I'm sure most of the team is busy polishing their resumes and looking for other work at this point. I mean, are we even sure Shifty is still the Community Manager at this point? Is there a Community Manager at this point? I mean, I haven't had a post deleted in days. It might be the End of Days in here for all we know. Also, SOON (tm)
  10. I can. Because I don't play on consoles. Maybe the OP should amend his statement to saying F13 is dead on PC, but that's just semantics. It's dead on PC, so it's dead to me.
  11. So, yeah, remember when people were optimistic about the future of this game? It was a simpler time...
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