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  1. Quinn FTW

    Come on guys

    I think you're on to something here. As you say, it's been a full year since launch (almost a year and a half since the beta in 2016). If it's not working for someone by now, chances are it never will. I stepped away back in February. I've been waiting for this update. Almost as much as I waited for the initial release. I came back when it dropped. I played the challenges. Tried out the new bot AI. Even played a few rounds with friends. But, for me, the magic is gone. It's not as fun as it was, and, quite frankly, I don't think that it ever will be. And I never expected it to be a game I could play forever. I've had my fun; I got a decent return on my investment as a backer. And while I'm somewhat disappointed that a year after release it still doesn't feel like a finished/polished game, it was still a fun game. For a while. So, we had some good times, Friday. But I think maybe we should see other people/games. We can still be friends, though. No hard feelings.
  2. Quinn FTW

    (spoilers) Wow the nudity!!

    "I need them, uh, for Science!"
  3. Quinn FTW

    Come on guys

    I feel the opposite. I found them tedious and annoying. Plus, the reward is ... MOAR EMOTES!!!!! I played them for an hour or so. Passed the first five or six. Just got tired of repeating ad nauseum until you figure out how the devs wanted you do it in the first place. Also, the unskippable cutscenes are asinine (with particular emphasis on the first syllable). If people are enjoying them, more power to them. They are wasted on me.
  4. Quinn FTW

    Jason's New Grab...

    Grabbing itself is harder (but that might just be a timing issue). It is easier for people to be broken out by other counselors with body blocking removed. And with the macros and all, it just isn't worth it.
  5. Quinn FTW

    Jason's New Grab...

    I certainly have. Grabbing is too dis-incentivized. There are far too many ways to counter. And very little to counter slash spamming.
  6. Quinn FTW

    Rolled 20,000 CP and...

    Oops. I may have duplicated your topic. Oh well, the community manager will merge or delete mine. Sorry.
  7. In honor of the update today, and the introduction of legendary perks, I thought I would burn off some CP seeing what was what. Unfortunately, I did not take extensive notes, so my observations are somewhat anecdotal. CP spent: Approximately 30,000 (Give or take a few hundred) Perks Rolled: Either 95 or 100 (sets of five) Perks that were equal to or better than existing perks: 1 (it was equal, not better) Number of legendaries: 1 Did I keep it? Heck no. It was actually worse than the epic I already had. Return on investment: 0% Total loss (in opportunity costs): 30,000 CP, representing approximately 8-12 hours of game time (depending on bonus CP). Plus an additional hour or so rolling and disposing of perks (at the speed of an effing glacier.) Hope everyone else has better luck with their rolls. Classic coupon collector's dilemma.
  8. Quinn FTW

    The killing me is the wait.

    My guess is SOON (tm) Is that good enough?
  9. I kind of see your point I see your point a little better. The phone can spawn at the main cabin on Higgins, Packanack, and Pinehurst, but not at either the Jarvis or the vacation house on Jarvis map. As for Crystal Lake, there is no "main house" - maybe that's something you should be addressed as well. I mean, the phone can spawn at the repair shack and the bathrooms, so why not the boat house? It's just as valid a location. Well, I guess, for one, the spawn isn't exactly random. They only created a set number of variations for each map. That they overlooked the "main house" on Jarvis map may have been a mistake, but when compared to more serious oversights (ie the car spawning issue), maybe the phone box not spawning at a specific house is not as detrimental to game play?
  10. Or that Higgins Haven main cabin doesn't have a basement (where "Mitch" / Chuck died in Part III)?
  11. Why is he not equally outraged that the phone never spawns at the boat shack on either Crystal Lake map? Or that it never spawns at any of the southern houses (Flat Rock) on Packanack? What is the hang up about Jarvis Map? I don't get it.
  12. Try these steps until you find one that works. Step 1: Reboot. Step 2: Verify files. Reboot again. Step 3: Uninstall, reinstall, and reboot. Step 4: Fill out a Jason Kills Bugs report. Reboot. Pray.
  13. Yeah, but I have to work weekends sometimes. Plenty of people do (and not just retail and service industry personnel). It's part of being an adult. Sometimes, you have to put in the extra effort to keep the trains running on time. Or, in this case, keep the counselors running for their life.
  14. Quinn FTW

    Boat Escape Idea

    I sometimes wonder if the devs spend most of their time curled up into balls, crying into their pillows, wondering why the community can't just be more supportive of them? After all, they probably only every wanted our unconditional love. And maybe our unwavering, starry-eyed admiration. And, of course, our $40 (not counting DLC). Is that so much to ask?
  15. Quinn FTW

    Boat Escape Idea

    I'm okay with 3. You arguments make sense. I was simply throwing out an idea with the hopes of generating discussion/consideration. The main idea in my proposal was the idea of "overloading" the boat, and having its base speed reduced as a result. That would be a neat mechanic IMO. Many of the people I used to play with wouldn't bat an eye if the boat got away. They were okay with two people escaping to get the other six. With extra passengers, the boat becomes a higher value target. Of course, many players may watch the boat like a hawk. I wouldn't know.