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  1. I'd be interested. No rage quitting or other such d-baggery here. Gt: Michael315 xbox one
  2. Gamer Tags for F13!

    Michael 315 xbox one
  3. Unmasking Jason

    Jason should always be unmasked before escaping. Once per movie he is unmasked. ?
  4. I've only seen Jason unmasked once or twice. How come this isn't more frequent? It should be a sign of more seasoned councelors to unmask that ugly bastard every game! How many hits does it usually take? I really want to see Part 2 unmasked. Does Part 3 smile like in the movie?
  5. I voted part 2 as well. Part 3 is good too but I'm biased since part 2 Jason I find to be the most scary. The Town that Dreaded Sundown is much more scary than Gerry Cheevers. Friday the 13th fans owe a bit to the Boston Bruins!
  6. Honestly, I enjoy the hell out of this game - flaws and all. I can see people bitching about the actual functionality (crashes/quickplay not working) - but FREE content? They are trying to make it right - cut them some slack on free stuff. It's very obvious its an amateur outfit finding their way as they go - can YOU create and release a game? Thought not. My main gripe with them is being a new outfit, they should have made sure it was all working before release. Never a second chance for a first impression! However, they have owned up, apologized, and are offering free content to make amends. Hindsight is always 20/20 - how you handle mistakes says volumes. No one is perfect.
  7. Flappy heads and beady eyes like Terrance and Phillip! I'm going to put on a pirate costume! ?
  8. Well, I gotta say... I really like this game! Being Jason is cool and unlocking the different versions adds to the playability, as does upgrading the kills to keep it all fresh. The counselors are given enough options to try and win with the car, boat, cops, or killing Jason himself! Surprisingly, this game is pretty well balanced which is no small feat. Initially, I was annoyed with the lack of quickplay on xbox but since I've joined a F13 group online, finding folks to play has been fairly easy. So, despite a few stumbles out of the gate, this game delivers!
  9. Favorite Horror Literature

    The Shining is far better as a book than it was a movie - and I loved that flick! Agree with previous posters about the Hellbound Heart; it is actually poetic in its genius! The Exorcist and Legion are both great books as well. The Amityville Horror was actually a pretty fun read. Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson and Hell House by Richard Matheson are excellent ghost novels. Lovecraft and Poe, of course.
  10. Underrated Horror Flicks

    I was going to add Session 9 and Innkeepers.... Also, I'm a Stuart Gordon fan as well. Hmm, Halloween 3 masks for everyone!
  11. I was playing late and hiding under a bed. I actually fell asleep with the controller in my hands. I was shaken awake by the controller vibrating, the music, and Jason killing me!! Very cool.
  12. XBOX ONE Private Match LFG Thread

    Heading on in a bit Michael315
  13. John, I agree with you 100%. When the game works, it is fun as hell. However, finding private matches is a chore. Had I known this is how it would be, I would have held off on my purchase. They should have held off on the release until single player was ready or until the bugs were worked out in Quick Play. I applaud Gun for putting this together but I think another month of ironing out the bugs would have served them well. Also, it's cool early supporters got skins and such, but throwing a bone to those of us dealing with their growing pains would be a good gesture. Overall, the game is good but when it is released like this it is like ordering a big sundae but they ran out of hot fudge and walnuts. The ice cream is still good though! ?
  14. XBOX ONE Private Match LFG Thread

    I'll be playing tonight around 9:00 EST if anyone wants in. GT: Michael315
  15. Gotta say, I'm enjoying the game quite a bit now that I can play it. I hope you folks have success with it.