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  1. As someone who has been outspokenly critical of Gun/Fonic on this forum, I want to publicly state that I think I've seen a turning point in their communication and efforts to make the fans happy. My biggest issue has always been players leaving early or mid-kill, and it was finally addressed in the Shack Notes Update. Hopefully a solution will be implemented soon. The increased volume of communication is also promising. Good job. I have hopes for this game again - but I have one final suggestion. Stop worrying about launching every update simultaneously cross-platform. For major updates, this is important, but console games have always traditionally been slower to update, and for good reason. You are paying for professional playtesting, yet every update fixes one thing and breaks something else - often something critical. You are playing a very slow game of whack-a-mole, and not realizing that Steam is a great resource for crowdsourced playtesting. We will find your critical bugs for free, on the same day they slip into the game. Push us more frequent, smaller patches, and when everything is consolidated THEN hit all three platforms. This is a tried and true method of game development that will make your production line more efficient and effective, and allow you to better focus on gameplay changes instead of endlessly chasing gamebreaking bugs.
  2. To be honest, policing in game communication is an utter waste of time, and falls under the category of treating the symptoms instead of the disease. The disease is all around bugginess and unanticipated player behavior. The best way to anticipate player behavior and get them to play reasonably is to create an in-game dynamic that is polished, versatile, and fun. When a game lacks dynamism and versatility, the players rebel by creating their own, and that is where the griefing comes in. All games suffer from it to a small extent, and they all have to anticipate what could go wrong before it does, and try to create a system that minimizes it. In Left 4 Dead, this is the votekick system. In Dota, it's an abandon penalty and temporary low priority queue. Either of these are only examples. Many games have wild west environments that are also generally fine. The problem with F13 is that there are so many bugs and exploits giving tools to the griefers that many players don't take the game seriously and try to ruin it for others. The best way to improve player behavior in this case is to hire someone who actually knows what they are doing to fix the bugs. When you leave chocolate on the table and the dog eats it, you don't punish the dog, you stop leaving chocolate on the table. There are so many bugs and exploits in the game that it is impossible to police the thousands of players who stumble upon them. Telling players to report each other under penalty of being banned just opens the doors to an ocean of unverifiable reports and questionable bannings, and shows the devs questionable priorities and/or complete inability to handle the situation (i.e. FIX BUGS). Yes, there is a learning curve to being a developer, but if you screw it up completely, don't expect anyone to have faith in your future games. This thread merely points out TWO extremely SIMPLE bugs that plague literally the vast majority of public matches. The developers would be complete fools to ignore them. 1. Players leave as soon as they aren't Jason, creating an effective 5 v 1. 2. Players leave as soon as they are dead (i.e. the animation begins), bugging the animation and stealing the kill from Jason. What a joke. If you think neither of these are ruining the vast majority of public matches, then you are wrong. I am referring to the MAJORITY of matches here. Yes, these might not be as obnoxious as someone hiding outside of the map if you take either scenario and compare them as isolated incidents, but my grievances affect so many games that they are spoiling the entire soup of the game, whereas bugs that are more nefarious (and probably harder to fix) can be allowed a little more leeway in how long they take to get fixed. Part of being a good developer is effective prioritization of solving problems.
  3. Dear Diary, I got to play one game of Jason today. 2 players abandoned half way through their death animation so even though I killed them, I didn't get credit for it. My final score was 4/7 because another player quit halfway through the game for no reason. This is what the average Jason game looks like. This is ridiculous. You guys spent most of the budget on mocapping but its a complete waste when this happens. Hey guys, look, your customers are talking to you... I don't understand how teamkilling can be a higher priority than this, given that this affects the majority of games and teamkilling only a small percentage.
  4. Hello everyone, I am just reporting in to say that something predictable occurred today. I finally got in to a game with Jason and starting picking counselors off. Then 2 of them abandoned the game during the beginning of my kill animation, causing my axe to levitate in mid air while I practiced killing invisible people. I would rate this experience a 5/7. It's not an exaggeration to say that this happens literally EVERY day that we play this game. If you haven't experienced it, you don't play public matches.
  5. 3rd time I get on F13 to play today (same day as making this thread) and 2 people drop out of the game, then one person leaves mid kill animation. Pubs are unplayable. Fun. If people aren't willing to play counselor, they shouldn't join a lobby knowing that there is a 1/8 chance they will play Jason. Enacting a small measure to prevent people from leaving during the first minute of gameplay is not punitive. If you quit games at the very start, you are ruining the match for the other players, forcing the rest of the players to leave a sinking ship. When one person leaves, the game is less balanced. When one person leaves, others follow. You know exactly what I'm talking about. I am not talking about leaving after you are dead. Spectating in pubs can be very boring if you happen to die early. Forcing a player to play a counselor game is not wrong. The flag could be set to expire within 1 day (or 1 game) and it should be applied only if the player abandons the previous game during the first 2 minutes. That is extremely lenient but would solve 99% of the quitting problem affecting pubs. I was in disbelief when I first played F13 and realized how easily the system could be abused to roll Jason. The current system practically encourages it. That's why you have 2 people drop from the start of almost every pub game. It is seriously ridiculous. As in, the gaming industry is going to ridicule F13 for it for a long time... YES!! Thank you... You said it.
  6. It's not an exaggeration to say that it happens literally every day. I have been aware of this problem for months and posted here on the forum about it more politely when the game released. Now I'm sick and tired of it. If you only play with friends, you don't have the same experience. I play with friends sometimes and I play in pubs at other times. Guess what? I just got on for another quick match with Jason. Another leaver at the start + another person who quit as soon as I began to execute him. It's not fun. It was a really quick match because I quit too.
  7. Here's a report live from the field, as of right now. Hopped into a game with Jason. Right away, one player leaves. Oh well. I start my killings. I get to Chad, who almost called the police, but I smashed the box and caught up with him. Mid kill, he quits, so I pantomime the rest of the kill and feel like a fool, because I spent the first quarter of the game chasing him for nothing. Finally, I kill everyone. The scoreboard reads 6/8 even though it should read 7/7. I've played much worse, but this happens literally every day I get on to play. This really just sours the experience for me. I don't see what is so hard to fix about it. Oh and by the way, the game is still running because there is some glitch that doesn't properly end the game. Everyone is dead and I'm just AFK with Jason, leaving me time to write this post because the game doesn't realize it's over. This is why I'm angry the developers are teasing new content while remaining silent about fixing launch issues. This game plays like a buggy alpha, and the developers are putting lipstick on a pig. Kicked for idle time exceeding 120 seconds! Nice! Literally as I'm typing this. We all paid $40 for this game and we are all entitled to our opinions. Pointing out gamebreaking bugs that are killing the future community of this game is not the same thing as the kiddies whining that certain counselors are unbalanced.
  8. I'm only suggesting they have to play one game as counselor before they can roll Jason. That's not punitive enough to cause any harm to players who need to drop for IRL reasons, or any reason, really - it won't stop me from leaving when I need to - but it halts chronic droppers dead in their tracks. People who drop 10 games in a row just to play Jason. And to be more clear, there are still solutions to the problem you raise about premature leaving when grabbed. The flag for the kill that I spoke of was intended only for situations when the player leaves, not every grab. I was speaking about those who leave mid-kill animation, which is worse to be sure, but for players who leave as soon as they are grabbed, just let them die and grant the kill or not- they are dead anyway, their model slumps to the floor. But it's infinitely more common to have someone leave mid-death animation, and who can blame them. They died, it's frustrating, and they want to get to the next match. So let Jason have the kill. Don't make him waste his time doing a ridiculous pantomime animation complete with crunching sound effects, missing the counselor. That makes the game look buggy and broken. If nothing else, pull Jason out of the ridiculous animation that doesn't even grant him the kill. I'm not dead set on a single solution here, I just want SOMETHING to get done. There are countless threads on this board, the Steam forums, and Reddit about this. It's ridiculous! Sorry to be overly sarcastic, but it just feels like nobody reads these forums and addresses any serious issues. It doesn't help that half the threads are by kiddies. I don't think people care about single player as much as getting the multiplayer that they paid for, and I've seen a lot more defensiveness from the devs than any ability to accept constructive criticism. We are sharing our criticism out of love for the game. You literally can't go a single day in pub games without being badly affected by both of these issues. I have gone weeks without encountering a team killer in pubs.
  9. I think they should add an option to never get Jason, or an ability to pass him on to someone else. The way you want to play is not a problem. From your posts, I thought you were describing the opposite, more common situation. I understand that people also need to leave games sometimes, and I'm not suggesting the game needs a serious queue where people must complete the match or else. But having players leave every match until they get Jason is a problem with many possible solutions.
  10. It's punitive to connect to a lobby of randoms and let them expect to play an 8 player match when you intend to leave immediately. Not to mention that you're doing this repeatedly to every game you connect to. Sounds like the games would be better off without you since you have no intention of joining them anyway. That's essentially all I suggested, except you misunderstood me.
  11. What about the solutions employed by dozens of other successful multiplayer games? Solutions could be very simple and effective, and I don't see why they are off the table. Serious game developers have to take player issues into account (or even better, anticipate them). Or else you end up implementing a report submission feature and get ban happy for a week until you realize its unfeasible. Teamkilling is a player issue, not a game issue, right? It appears there was a way to stop that. For players leaving when they aren't Jason - create a flag on the user's account that says they must play a game as counselor before they can roll Jason. This is neither punitive or unfair. This is just one suggestion, and the simplest I can think of. The possibilities here are endless. What's stopping me from leaving every game at the beginning when I see I'm not Jason? Nothing. That's why so many players have been doing it since launch, ruining the balance of the game, or causing a cascade of leaving players that kills the match. Part of balancing a multiplayer game is taking pub games into account (after all, they account for most of the games played). For players leaving prematurely when they die - since by this point the animation is already uninterruptible, create a flag that tells the scoreboard that Jason gets a kill in 3 seconds, and make sure the counselor's model continues to perform the animation. Seriously? What's so hard about that?? This is a real form of griefing that needs to be addressed. When you are pissed off and want to ruin Jason's game, just leave halfway through the kill animation. I don't do it, but many players do, either out of rage or ignorance. Host migration is just another example of a feature that is sorely lacking and a standard in the industry. I won't even get into it, but apparently neither will the developers. That's not a player issue too, is it?
  12. I'll come back and apologize if it does (but it would take a lot more to change my opinion about Illfonic). New emotes are nice, but I haven't heard anything about fixing more launch issues. I think they are hiding their heads in the sand about them. This quote is representative of the tail-chasing they are busy with: We can't pay attention to traps placed under windows, often the only entrances into a cabin. Even so, teamkilling shouldn't be higher priority than the issues I listed above - issues that were vocally pointed out by the community from day one. This is just an example of the futility of chasing the wrong problems.
  13. After seeing how the release of the game has been handled, with so many bugs still completely ignored, and so many major, obvious shortcomings in the game design, it is highly unlikely that I will support Gun Media or Illfonic in any of their future projects. If I were Gun Media, after seeing how incompetent their developers are, I would seriously think about breaking contract and canning Illfonic for good. Hire people who actually know how to create games instead of a failed rap record label. Are you guys spending any of the buckets of cash we sent you on release day on anything productive, like detectives who can figure out what kind of sloppy spaghetti code Illfonic did? It is unacceptable to have 2 people drop at the beginning of every game when they see they are not Jason. It is unacceptable to have people leave as soon as their fate is sealed, but before Jason finishes the kill (leaving Jason wasting his time in a useless animation over a limp ragdoll). These issues should have been noticed in alpha testing, let alone beta testing. These are two glaring, gamebreakingly obvious issues that show major oversight on behalf of the developers, and they have never once been addressed officially. It is obvious that the developers have no intention of fixing issues like these, despite how obvious AND SIMPLE they are, and they probably don't even know how to fix them. We can go on and on. The servers have no region locking, even though it is another obvious solution to another major problem that the community has complained about at length. The mute button works inconsistently. The game seriously lacks actual, real content, having only 3 maps and limited replayability - not the content of a $40 game. In response to the gigantic shitstorm they faced on release, the developers tainted their product by trying to appease the masses with a hastily slapped together Jason reskin which clashes aesthetically with the rest of the game. 2 months later, the reskin still doesn't even appear in the intro or outro movies, and Jason can't even hear his own music. Is there only one coder working on this game?? Gun keeps hinting at new content, and when angry fans point out that they haven't even managed to get the base game working properly, they tell us that the content producers are different from the coders behind the scenes. Mind telling us just what the hell the coders are doing? Did Illfonic take our money and run? Who do we have working on fixing the major launch issues with this game, a part-time, stay-at-home employee and an unpaid intern? Nevermind that the developers at Gun have the audacity to sit in Discord and reveal that they are playing videogames all day instead of working. Do you guys have the balls to tell Illfonic they are screwing you over? Suffice it to say, I have little hope that any real issues with this game will ever be fixed. I'm going to stay the hell away from Illfonic games in the future. Good luck getting anybody to back your next project.
  14. Its a suicide if you don't wait for your status to change to dead on the scoreboard, which only happens after Jason finishes the animation.
  15. Bumping this thread because I see multiple threads about multiple bullet points from this list a day.
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