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  1. Wow, ok, thanks for the clarification.
  2. So: 1. Murdered/Escaped can speak to each other 2. Counselors can speak to other counselors nearby 3. Counselors can speak to cother ounselors over distance if the have found walkies 4. Jason can hear counselors nearby 5. ... ? The other day I was playing and I was the last one alive and suddenly a voice on the chat said "I'm coming to get you, you ready?" and then Jason appeared and gutted me. I did NOT think Jason could speak to Counselors... I mean, Jason can't speak in the movies. Could it be some private lobby setting (never hosted one) or does Jason come accross some ability on higher levels that makes this possible or can he use the walkies? (This was on PS4 and I had joined a game party but I'm absolutely sure audio was switched to "In Game" 100%)
  3. Cool thanks! How about when you see a dead body, the character screams. Does that event show up for Jason in any way? (i've only gotten to play Jason once out of maybe 20 matches)
  4. My PS4 EU-region experiance is this. When I strickly go for Quick Match, hardly anyone seem to use headset at all, and the few that does doesn't speak English or just say "what?" all the time. I've hooked up with some online friends via PSN in the UK and they play with headset all the time, you get kicked from the party if it's not switched on. Its SOOOO much more fun with headset and cooperation. If you don't have a headset, get one today! I'd love to hook up with more mature players though that does not call players "Bitch" or even worse... plus the occational spectator bullying of less skilled players. Lousy attitude, mostly from the ages below 18.
  5. I really enjoy that this game is using sounds to indicate what's going on for the player but I've not yet found a good summary of what every sound actually does tell you. e.g. The Ki ki ki Ma ma ma, when does that happen and how should you act on it? Or when you fail a step in the mini game for the propellar, does Jason hear/see that somehow via sound or on his map? Anyone care to spread some light in a list form for the sound effects as Jason and as a Counselor? (and don't think, guess or wish, please only reply what you 100% know)
  6. Regarding truth about this. I know what the tip says on the loading screen (and what the Crystal Lake Memories movie mentioned) but in "The Man Behind The Mask" it really sounds more like Ch Ch Ch Ha Ha Ha. Could Mr Cooper be the cause of the confusion?
  7. For me, selecting new clothes for the councellors doesn't save. It's always back to original clothes.
  8. Played around 20 matches now. Never got to play Jason at all. Have survived in about 25% of the matches and they are all via the police. I was gonna exit in the 4-seater once but the darn driver ran into a fence and Jason came and well... I didn't escape People are not communication well in the game yet. I think it will get better over time.
  9. I'm in Europe, could join people from UK but could not add US friends. Hope it's not meant to be this way and will be fixed.
  10. If in European region (due to the region lock), add me to whatever private lobby/party. I'm up for F13. Have microphone. psn: larsnetzel
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