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  1. Fixed a bug where if a Counselor starts calling the police and steps into a Bear Trap at the same time, the phone would continue to fly around like a spooky ghost while the Counselor attempts to escape the Bear Trap ‘Spooky ghost’ ?
  2. I prefer having no duplicates as well but I also play as random counselor so it wouldn’t affect me nearly as much as people who have ‘mains’. They COULD avoid the matching lags, however, by having each lobby open with everyone set to random. If you want to set a counselor, you can, but once someone else selects them, they are ‘locked’ and you have to choose someone else. Anyone who stays random gets a counselor who hasn’t been picked yet. Of course, given how strongly people feel about this, I imagine a bunch of people just quitting as soon as their ‘main’ is picked by someone else, making full lobbies nearly impossible to get. Shame. I’d support it but I just don’t think it would work out logistically with this player base.
  3. Nudity doesn't get you an AO rating, just FYI. You can have both nudity and sex and still not get an AO rating. Look at the Witcher series and Mass Effect/Dragon Age. They could add in some nudity and sex to this game in the single player challenges without it affecting the rating. I don't need it to happen, but adding it wouldn't affect the rating at this point, unless the nudity and sex were really extreme.
  4. Tamara is too similar to Melissa. Eva is too similar to Deb. I just don't see the need for these two to get added in.
  5. I hope the devs take note of how disappointed the majority of posters are about the ‘rewards’ for the new mode. They are really off the mark.
  6. I also had a really bad luck 5 second ruN recently. Didn’t even get to the cabin door before Jason spawned over to me and slammed my head in the door. Nothing you can do but laugh in that situation.
  7. I’ve had this happen to me several times. It really sucks. Several of those times, I installed BOTH pieces, just to have two randoms steal the boat from me as I finish the repairs. If there are three of us at the boat now, I won’t install the last piece anymore because of this. I’ll drop it and make one of the others do it, even if they are worse at repairing.
  8. The correct answer here is to just have all doors lockable/unlockable from both sides. The only downside is not being able to lock another counselor out of a room. Which is a pretty minor sacrifice to gain the ability to access items that get locked in those interior rooms with high windows.
  9. I originally thought Kenny and Jenny seemed like a no brainer since they are so clearly Ginny/Paul or Alice/Bill. So I’m not seeing the Kenny/Tiffany thing, even if they are confirmed in the virtual cabin. No ChadxKenny, ChadxBuggzy, or AJxTiffany in the choices? Boo!
  10. On Xbox and also ran into a TON of quitters. Lots of host quitting. Lots of connection issues. Lots of game crashing. I've been sick all weekend, so I got to play more than I normally would have because I didn't really leave the house and got to call in sick one day for work. Got from 75 to 81. Mostly because I kept giving up in frustration and switching to something else. I was just in the mood to play counselors and not grind with Jason and bots, so I definitely didn't get to make the most of it. I do like the white top for Tiffany, though. And since I play on random counselor, at least that's something that I can see for my efforts every once in a while.
  11. Having something similar on Xbox right now. Just tried to play five times. First two were ‘connection to host lost’. Next two were ‘you were kicked, host quit’. Fifth was ‘connection to host lost’. Ugh. I just want my double xp and I’m sick of playing against bots.
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