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  1. Me too. If I’m not going random, I go Deb and I escape most of the time. And I almost always lone wolf it since I play without a mic. Most of the time that I die, it’s because I spawned outside of the phone or power box cabin and get caught in the first minute or so. If I can get past my first cabin with Deb, I’m golden most of the time and have only ever had to make it to the 20 minute mark.
  2. Emotes need to go

    ....is exactly like the one that Kevin Bacon wore in part 1. I also don’t don’t mind the swimwear because it’s pretty believable. Costumes? Nah.
  3. I appreciate the golden days too. But I do want to also keep perspective and remember the frustrations at that time too. On Xbox, the game crashed about 60-70% of the time. I couldn't play the game at all for the first week or so because of a corrupted data file. Matchmaking was totally broken (not hyperbole -- ACTUALLY totally broken where it just didn't work) so you needed to come here to find invites to private games if you didn't have friends who played. There were a ton of in-game glitches (I will never forget the packanack lodge and higgins haven house glitches). Basically, in the "golden days", the game was broken (almost unplayable at times), but when you DID get in, it was an amazing experience and the playerbase were true fans who were there for a survival horror experience (for the most part). Now, the game works, but it's so unbalanced and favors casuals who are there for a dance party to the point that it's not worth playing. So.....lose-lose, I'd say.
  4. I don't think I have much new to add, but they all bear repeating: * Jason grab radius needs buff * Jason hit detection needs readjustment * Number of knives, guns, and med sprays need to be greatly reduced * Counselor stun chances/times need nerf * Invisible box around windows need removal The usual stuff that will likely get ignored.
  5. The main difference that sticks out to me is the change in tone. When it first came out, it felt like a Friday the 13th game. Jason was OP, counselors ran in fear from him, and rarely did you have more than a handful of counselors surviving a match. When the Jason music would kick in, you'd feel dread because it meant that you were likely about to die. Which is how it should be because very few people in the movies survived an encounter with Jason. Then they started catering to casual fans. They added in stupid costumes and emotes. They nerfed Jason to the point of breaking the game. They added in so many knives, firecrackers, and guns that counselors get 3-4 free passes running into Jason before they are even remotely in danger of getting killed. The tone when the game started was one in which counselors were running scared and desperate to survive. The tone now is one in which counselors are running towards Jason to dance around in sexy devil outfits and spam stuns and teabags.
  6. Tiffany. Because I find her fans insufferable. After that, I’d say Fox because she’s surprisingly good and can be played in multiple ways (unlike Vanessa who really has only one way to play her effectively) so she’s tough to predict. And after that definitely Bunny Deb.
  7. Scream Queens F13

    I get it. I’ve been part of ‘gaymer’ groups for other games because sometimes I just want to play without having to be called or hear others being called ‘gay’, ‘f****ot’, etc. and I’ve had a bunch of straight people on other message boards ‘explain’ to me how wrong it is to do that. So I feel your pain in this thread.
  8. Scream Queens F13

    I support the OP. Do you, girl. It’s no one else’s business what groups you create and recruiting here for like-minded female gamers seems totally reasonable.
  9. I’ve literally never seen this happen. Is this a common thing now?
  10. Emotes need to go

    I have two thoughts: 1.) I agree about the difference between clothes and costumes. Clothes are fine. Costumes are stupid. 2.) No one here is saying that there AREN'T balance issues. But that doesn't mean that we can't complain about another issue as well. It's not a zero sum game. You can want them to address more than one issue. I recognize that they aren't going to get rid of existing emojis at this point. But at least by complaining about it on the forums, there's a chance that this feedback will get back to them so that they don't add MORE of the stupid emojis and costumes in the future. They are going to have to decide which direction they want to go - inline with their original vision (a horror survival game) or one that gets them more money (dancing emojis and silly costumes). I suspect they'll do the latter, but I want them to do the former.
  11. I’m not a fan of KM but she definitely makes the most sense for the Grendel map. It wouldn’t make any sense to radio Tommy and have him show up on a spaceship. But radioing KM and having her show up would work. Plus, it would also make more sense as to why she’s OP, since she’s pretty OP in the movie as well. They would need to come up with a new ‘kill Jason’ option, though. No sweater (unless his shack is in the simulation Lake?) and no Tommy?
  12. While clothing DLC isn’t high on my list, I definitely don’t mind realistic outfits and not dumb shit like costumes. So no on the lingerie/boxers thing (it’s not that different from the swimwear — the characters who show skin in bikinis/speedos will be the same ones who show skin in lingerie/briefs). And no on the tuxedos/dresses thing. I wouldn’t mind the following though: 1.) Camp Crystal Lake counselor uniforms 2.) A futuristic clothing DLC to accompany the Grendel map when it happens, so the characters feel like they fit in the map 3.) An alternate hair option for each character. A different style that we can pick to offer more variety. 4.) An alternate ‘regular’ outfit for each counselor. Something that fits their trope type, maybe drawn from movie characters. Like AJ could have a more rocker outfit based off of JJ from Part 8. And Deborah could have an outfit based of off Eva from Part 8 or Maddie’s ‘dressed up’ look from Part 7. And Kenny can have one based off of Paul from Part 2. And Jenny can one based off of Alice from Part 1 or Ginny from Part 2. That would give us more variety for customization, which would please those who like outfits, but not be ridiculous nonsense like costumes.
  13. Emotes need to go

    Right. And let me remind YOU that emotes and fuzzy bunny costumes weren’t part of the Kickstarter campaign that I invested money in. I paid money for a survival horror game. Not for a toga dance party simulator. But because people like you want to twerk in front of Jason, the rest of us lose the experience that we paid our good money for. And, again, I don’t give a shit if I don’t have to spend money on the emotes. I’m not complaining that the emotes cost money. I’m complaining that the emotes and costumes are forced onto us whether we paid for them or not. Not paying for them doesn’t stop me from having to see them or sit through a five minute juke-dance-juke-dance party in front of the cops after I’ve already escaped.
  14. I feel like Fox-bots always have at least one pocketknife. I honestly do not remember a single time I’ve seen her in offline where she doesn’t have one. It’s gotten where I just slash her now to save the inevitable knife jab. 100% this. I always go for the generators to stop Tommy from getting called because between his afk spawning, drawer OCD, and shotgun/pocketknife combo, Tommy-bot is more trouble than he’s worth.
  15. Emotes need to go

    I’ve seen other people say this as well and I’m totally baffled. This argument would only work if it were a single player game. The issue is having to watch other people use them. I wish that not having the DLC meant I didn’t have to watch other fools dancing around dressed like slutty devils. Instead, they’ve made the game lose all sense of immersion.