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  1. They're all actually better than 10/10, because he out performs characters who have 10s in stats.
  2. I literally just said it happening to other comapnies is no excuse. It's even more inexcusable with a company like rockstar, but they're not effected by it because the GTA fans aren't going anywhere, their company is already established, etc. This is this company's first big game and they blew it on launch. It's a fun game but they've potentially ruined their long term success with their poor decision regarding servers at launch. It's not something that should have needed to be fixed, certainly shouldn't have been as game breaking as it was. I hope for their sake they aren't hurt too badly by it, but for the average gamer reviews tend to matter.
  3. Supporting the company has absolutely nothing to do with whether or not their servers were a failure. Their servers were a failure regardless of whether you gave them $1000 on the kickstarter or just bought the game for $40. It's inexcusable. No if, ands or buts about it. They went cheap on the servers at launch and they're paying for it big time in bad reviews which is going to hurt the game long term.
  4. There really is no excuse for server issues. They knew how many people bought their game and that there was a huge following for it heading up to release date. Their servers couldn't even remotely handle the game's load. Just because that happens to other games too isn't an excuse. We're in this day and age where fan boys of companies and franchises excuse shit tier launches and it needs to stop. In any case, you over estimate the servers you need. They grossly under estimated it. Bugs in the game are one thing that has always been a part of gaming and often can't be found until you have tens of thousands of players playing it and that's fine. Server issues are completely avoidable and they deserve no slack in that regard.
  5. When you hold your breath, your character makes an audible gasp that the person playing Jason can hear if he's close enough.
  6. There isn't anything in game that indicates who is going to be Jason unless you're in a private match where the host can set who is going to be Jason if they so choose to. Not getting him once in 7 hours of play does sound off to me, maybe could try resetting your preference in case that glitched somehow(set it to none, apply, then go back in set to Jason, apply). I have mine set to counselor and never get it anymore(nor do I want it, so working as intended). Keep in mind 90+% of people are going to have preference set to Jason, and I'm (assuming here, but feels like a safe assumption) thinking the game works off an RNG where people with Jason preference have a high % chance of getting him, people set to none a lesser %, and people set to counselor an even smaller %. I know setting to counselor doesn't fully rule out Jason because I've went in to a private match with a friend who is set to Jason and I of course being set to counselor and I got Jason over him(just the two of us messing around in a private match). So could just be really bad luck on your end, but I would try doing the resetting preference.
  7. Making it even more difficult on the counselors would be silly. Alternatives to Tommy are needed(such as Tina Shepard from part 7), but they need to be helpful alternatives, not this.
  8. You can already farm XP/CP if you have a friend to play with in private matches, so that aspect doesn't really matter.
  9. The slow, strong counselors are supposed to distract/hold Jason off, not run from him. Give time for the car to get fixed, police to arrive, etc. The strategy should be working as a team where the slow/strong characters keep Jason stunned, the others search for parts and get to the end game. If you can escape in the car with them or get to the police, good for you, but that's not your objective in regards to the team.
  10. Stamina isn't an issue. No matter how much stamina you have, if Jason is chasing you, he's gonna eventually catch you(or catch up to you), What needs to be fixed is the broken combat system for counselors. Dunno how many times I've swung and seen others swing at Jason and the hit bounce off his character on the screen but the hit not actually register on Jason. One thing people need to realize is all counselors aren't going to get away 99.9% of the time, which is why it's important to have people willing to fight Jason for a short period of time for others to repair car/call cops/get away/etc(to me, as a counselor, a win is just 1 counselor getting away). I always volunteer to be that person, and often times get screwed because of the poor netcode in regards to attacking Jason.
  11. Enjoying the gameplay so far despite the issues(and at least those seem to be getting fixed pretty quickly), and thought I'd throw out a few suggestions for the game moving forward. Regarding calling Tommy, I'm not sure Tommy is "powerful" enough. He only gets one shot with the shotgun(feel this should potentially be upped, he is supposed to be the counselors "trump card", where as he only gets 1 stun of Jason then he's about as useful as everyone else in regards to getting away), and is still effected by fear. I feel as if Tommy shouldn't be stunned by seeing dead bodies and should be a more "in control" character of the situation than what he is. Another aspect is getting car parts/keys. I feel once a counselor picks up a battery, gas and keys, those items should appear on your map. That way you'll know where the character with each item is and can assist them if need be, or if they get caught by Jason, you at least know where to find the parts. This is especially bad with the car keys. If someone gets the car keys in game, dies, and doesn't tell anyone they had them..you're pretty much SOL. Another option is that once one counselor finds the car keys, every counselor gets them. However that might make it a little too easy, so the marking on the map might be the better alternative. As an alternative to Tommy I'd like to see Tina Shepard introduced as an alternative to him, maybe just on certain maps in the future. Would add a little more variety to the game play and her psychic abilities could stun Jason or maybe even be used in the environment(can lock doors from a distance, or maybe even from the outside so can just go in through the window and not have to worry about going to the door and locking it if trying to get away from Jason, maybe can see where certain items for cars or boats are on the map, etc). Nerfing the grab by Jason is a must too I feel, or at least nerf it when used on certain characters. As it sits right now there's no reason to use the strength characters/characters who are supposed to fight back, because 90% of the time when you take a swing at Jason with a weapon he just grabs you and destroys you. All in all, it's a fun game and with a few tweaks I think can last a long time(with more content added over time obviously).
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