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  1. Is more Hard Killing him with Tommy, besides the mask does not leave his face in the movie The more Easy should be part IV I wanna edit topic´s name. Jason Part 9 Should be more hard remove mask
  2. Jason needs stop entering the attack position automatically when you get close to the counselors, this precludes an opportunity to grab them.
  3. The mask is glued to the face, it is impossible to remove it with something that is not sharp, this would also be an added bonus for part 9 Jason
  4. The end of the trolls depends on the devs rebalancing the game to not make it possible anymore
  5. Emotes need to go

    I think the emotes are ridiculous, I just bought to help Gunmedia, but by the state of the game today i'm already regretting.
  6. *Decent Otimization; *Buff Part 7 Jason; *Fix extreme stupidity of the bots; *Update to Direct x 12 (PC);
  7. Counselours trolling me again now, this is ridiculous, is impossible Jason grab if you explore game problems: - Much itens on the map; - Jason´s grab is ridiculous; Friday the 13th the game now is comedy game. I rated the game as a negative on steam, this game is very rough, I hope you do the same to see if the devs move their butts to fix it, and I will not buy any more cosmetics, gunmedia that damn.
  8. Patch Notes - 12.18.2017

    No news about next patch?
  9. Eu quero "FBI MODE", o FBI precisa caçar Jason nos mapas para capturá-lo: Levaria tantos tiros em Jason para derrubá-lo e pegá-lo e levá-lo para Crystal Lake facilidade de pesquisa.
  10. That would make players think 10x before attacking Jason, and would only force them to run and use weapons only when really necessary. If you are troll: run hit, hit 3 times run little run and dance, Jason Rage will be activated in 5 minutes, your colleagues will not want to play with you anymore. There are a lot of guns around the camp, but Rage is a way to balance that. Rage's activation will depend on how many hits Jason takes.
  11. This a solution to force people stop troll Jason, The more you hit Jason the faster the rage will be activated.
  12. The game need things of this beta.

    Since August 2017 the game performance is horrible and now Jason has become a joke. I done with this game.