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  1. You would look damp under the rain too
  2. Yes, he said this in another topic, on the website of unreal engine also quotes performance gain in version 4.18
  3. Far Cry 5 have some simillar problems of fps drop like Fridaythe13th, because this i stop play the game
  4. I dont care about graphic, i care about play this game with 60 fps with no drops
  5. You can not see the changes right, because on youtube the videos lose quality. I would like a video showing performance gain on the same hardware
  6. I think game will be update to 4.18 version, if want see the big differences btween engine check features unreal engine version 4.13 vs 4.18.
  7. Em todas as plataformas, o PC tbm sofre com mau desempenho e essa diferença que eu queria ver.
  8. I see this print on facebook, on a comunnity of F13TH the game
  9. He had been to a psychiatrist for a long time, the police said that he barely talked to his co-workers in the movie. I'm suggesting that he was already a person with mental problems previously, seeing the dead son made him have an outbreak.
  10. Roy talking with his own psychiatrist