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  1. Im waiting black tower studios let this game decent
  2. sorry, but no new content for this game
  3. i-cold

    Patch Notes - 09.26.18

    so???? map size not set weight of a game
  4. I dont know, we need waiting Black tower studios to work
  5. You dont understand, Chad shave eyebrows is the new style...😎
  6. We are waiting the fix since release
  7. i-cold

    Patch Notes - 09.26.18

    PS4 and xbox have much hardware limitation
  8. yes, expect at most smooth game
  9. i-cold

    Patch Notes - 09.26.18

    If you play online with old consoles players is unfair more fps = better gameplay
  10. i-cold

    Patch Notes - 09.26.18

    No, because would be unfair for old ps4 and xbox players
  11. Illfonic is extremely incompetent and was dismissed. We can see 2 cool games made by Black Tower Studios above, sure she alone working in the game will be possible to fix the shits made by Illfonic.
  12. Games by Black Tower Studios:
  13. Illfonic sux😣 they added more bugs instead of fixing them
  14. No problem if the game gets smooth, I would pay for new DLCS.