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  1. Ok, Now is with Friday the 13th Definitive edition TEAM!
  2. The only way the process ends sooner is if Victor Miller dies, and he's already old ...👨‍🦳
  3. Postal 2 had dlc released over a decade later. i like the way the game works, i think it would be viable yes the smaller crownfunding for new content.
  4. I would help and you?? I stopped playing the game for a long time due to the lack of new content (mainly maps). No one here is talking about millions of dollars like before, but a much lower amount to get everything from movies to the game.
  5. I played the 1st is was excellent, I think of buying the 2. You would never think Project Mélies referred to the Layers of Fear https://store.steampowered.com/app/1029890/Layers_of_Fear_2/
  6. I do not mind paying for new dlcs, I just want to get them
  7. Sounds good, i Believe all here wants a Hardcore Jason like past...
  8. This happen me before since engine update, this is not fault of this patch.
  9. This patch is apparently good, I have not seen any new bug added 🤣. Unfortunately Gunmedia made the mistake of hiring Ilfonic, now black Tower Studios can fix all shits...
  10. More highter temps Indicates more big stress on the GPU, usually stock thermal paste have a poor quality, at thermal paste with 11 or 12 WM/K you can reduce 4°C or 5°C of your GPU fullload temps, if you use pascal cards - temps is more clock and more clock is more FPS.
  11. This is common in UE4, but is not fault of the patch, I've had higher temps with this game on the GPU since always. Put a good thermal paste in your GPU like: Coolermaster mastergel Nano or Thermal Grizzly Kryonout and some fans for your case.
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